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FritsJurgens makes the pivot door possible.

Make it yourself

FritsJurgens makes the pivot door possible. You make the door. FritsJurgens supplies the system and provides you with support in the form of our experience and advice. With the required care and skill you can make a wonderful FritsJurgens pivot door.

Take a look at how to make a FritsJurgens door

Simple, fast fitting

Thanks to the fact that all the technical parts are fitted in the door and thanks to the use of the unique floor and ceiling plate, fitting a FritsJurgens pivot door is a piece of cake. The pivot door revolves between the floor and ceiling plates, which are fitted to the finished floor and the finished ceiling.

Take a look at how to fit a FritsJurgens door


Download the routing drawing
FritsJurgens mounting manual SystemOne
FritsJurgens mounting manual System3
FritsJurgens mounting manual System4

Have it made

FritsJurgens produces only pivot door hinges and it supplies these to door and furniture manufacturers. If you’re looking for a pivot door, take a look at our list of dealers and partners to find out who, in your area, can supply you with the door you want, in the material you want.