Effortless opening

Light as a feather

The unique hinge designed by FritsJurgens, places the turning axis closer to the door’s centre of gravity. As a result, even the largest door surfaces appear to open and close effortlessly; with just the touch of one finger.

Soft as a whisper

Pivot-door systems move smoothly and effortlessly. Using only one finger, you can set even the largest rotating wall in motion and, as a result of the patented spring construction in the FritsJurgens hinge, it will naturally continue moving.

In addition, we also provide hinges with inhibited closing. As a result, the door will close as silent as a whisper at 0°. The technique for this is incorporated into the hinge, making mounting and closing mechanisms unnecessary.

With a closing circle of 360° or 180°, the pivot doors have unparalleled freedom movement. A pivot door will effortlessly pivot into any desirable position.

Be inspired

FritsJurgens soft close hinges make many applications possible through their patented spring construction. The use of heavy materials, such as steel or glass, is almost never an obstacle. As such, a pivot door always connects seamlessly to your design too. Stimulate your imagination with several examples.

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Suitable fritsjurgens systems

At FritsJurgens, we believe that the vision of your pivot door should not be restricted by unnecessary limitations. The size and weight of the door, therefore, should never pose a problem. The door simply turns smoothly. Always.


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