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The world’s biggest Starbucks just opened in Shanghai

Starbucks has opened a state-of-the-art premium reserve Roastery experience in Shanghai. This first fully-immersive coffee wonderland is the company’s “most ambitious project ever.” The launch included a new interactive retail experience for consumers based on augmented virtual reality. Starbucks was thrilled to bring this “first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia” to the marketplace. And FritsJurgens is part of it.

Fritsjurgens part of new coffee experience

FritsJurgens plays a pivotal role in this dynamic new space at Starbucks’ Roastery in Shanghai. As you enter this cavernous retail experience you are welcomed by a long wall comprised of a series of large walnut wood panels on which are projected constantly changing graphics with which the customers can interact on their phones. But, the wall has another function. With the use of FritsJurgens Pivots the designers were able to cleverly partition the Roastery so that the luxurious private meeting space behind this long entry wall can be opened up to the full retail floor. Each panel acts independently as a single door from one space to the other, or collectively they can all be turned 90-degrees, expanding the main space, allowing for easy transformation of this truly interactive wall.


pivoting walls Starbucks - Shanghai, China System 3
System 3 pivoting walls Starbucks Starbucks - Shanghai, China System 3
pivoting walls Starbucks - Shanghai, China System 3


Starbucks’ own in-house Creative, Global, Design and Innovation team was responsible for the bold concept and developed the design of the pivoting panels that divide this main space. Several designs were offered, but the Starbucks team was impressed by the ease of operation, and unique function provided by the System 3 pivot. Key factors like the 500kg capacity, 1-million cycle testing and the fact that, like all FritsJurgens’ pivots, System 3 is mortised entirely in the door were of great importance.


For this project, the FritsJurgens System3 pivot was installed in the center of each panel. This pivot hinge can rotate 360˚with a hold at every 90-degrees and dampened closing from each 45-degrees. These wood doors are each 200 kg and can be easily adjusted to ensure the panels maintain a clean flush line along the entire wall.


The Reserve Roastery, as it is called, covers 2800 m² making it roughly 15 times the size of an average Starbucks location and can seat up to 1000 customers. China is Starbucks’ fastest growing market with a store opening every 15 hours, marking immense opportunity across the country which is unparalleled for any other global consumer brand. By 2020, the company hopes to have 5,000 shops around the country .


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