New pivot door hinge from FritsJurgens offers ultimate elegance

A pivot door is unique in the field of design and aesthetics. After years of development and testing, System M is ready, offering refined control of the flow of movement for very smooth operation of pivot doors. System M offers an effortless experience with the touch of a finger: a single fluid movement and impeccably in balance.

The System M hinge creates an unrivaled experience: total control over the flow of the movement he opening is as light as a feather, the movement extremely smooth, and the closing as soft as a whisper. This is thanks to our patented system of high-performance dampers that operate in seamless coordination while hidden entirely in the door.

The hinge system is extremely rigid and indestructible. Rigorous testing has shown that even after 1 million cycles (similar to 136 years of daily use) System M still behaves flawlessly. This is a system truly designed for the ages: invisible, stylish and maintenance-free.

The FritsJurgens pivot hinge system is unique, because no structural elements are required in the floor and ceiling. Nothing in the ceiling. Nothing in the floor. All you see is your perfect pivot door.

A virtually invisible system.


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