Secret bookcase doors for a workplace that works

Designing an inspiring office

How do you create a room seperation for your home office and living space that does not feel like a seperation at all?

This is Exactly what Dutch architect Ernst Hoek has achieved with one of his latest projects.


Secrets revealed

Architect Ernst Hoek created a seperation between the living space of his house and his adjecent home office.


Ernst designed two large pivoting bookcases, weighing 500Kg each, functioning as room dividers. With this project, Ernst demonstrates that the posibilities are truly endless.


Find out more about this project and listen to words of the architect himself

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FritsJurgens, has been presented with the following awards: Reddot Design Award (2017 & 2019), German Design Award (2015), Architizer A+Award (2016), Iconic Award (2016 & 2019), Archiproducts Design Award (2016, 2018) and the iF Design Award (2019). These are all welcome symbols of appreciation for a product design, which, according to the German Design Council, “is convincing down to the smallest detail and visibly contributes to the world of design.”



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