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Whether you currently have a project where you want to apply pivot doors, or you're just looking around for opportunities to create a design with more impact but without the hassle, you've come to the right place.

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who is FritsJurgens?

We are a Dutch based building material company that focusses on producing high capacity, high-end and fully in-door pivot hinge systems.

Together with our North American official distributor Bridgeport Worldwide, we operate to provide full service and assistance where ever needed.

We make very specific desicions about our product and product design, in order to deliver the best possible hardware that enables architects and designers in the US and Canada to upgrade their door design.

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This is why architects choose FritsJurgens



FritsJurgens engineers and manufactures its products in The Netherlands and ships them around the world where they are integrated in building projects of every kind.

Whether you’re specifying the hardware yourself for your project, or are looking to work with one of the many door manufacturers who are already integrating FritsJurgens technology in their doors, we can get you the information you need to bring modern pivot doors into your project.

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Design pivot doors without limitations

Are you primarily focussed on designing super large or heavy pivot doorways? Maybe sleek and minimalistic is more your style. Or perhaps you want to incorporate both into your design.

No matter the design, size or weight of your pivot door, FritsJurgerns offers a suitable solution. Our pivot hinge System M+ is our most versatile hinge system that can be applied for exterior doors and interior doors.

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Everything you need for detailing and specifying System M+

System M+ BIM file

System M+ STEP file

System M+ spec text

Please visit our download page for a full overview of technical documentation, 3D models and brochures of our pivot systems. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How big of a door can I create?
You can design doors ranging between 44 lbs - 1100 lbs. There is no limit on the height of the door, as long as the maximum load bearing capacity is not met. Need to check wheter your door dimensions and weight are possible? Use our selector tool that gives you advise on which system you should or can use.
What is the price?
Accurate pricing can be acquired via Bridgeport Worldwide. They are able to provide you with technical information and pricing information. For reference, System M+ in-door door closer is priced similarly as high capacity (in-floor) door closers, without the huge installation and preparation costs that come with in-floor closers.
Where can I get in touch with Bridgeport Worldwide, FritsJurgens official distributor?
Bridgeport worldwide can be contacted here.
What other pivot solutions do you provide?
We currently offer three different pivot hinge models, with each their own features and purposes. Discover our pivot hinge models here.

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If you still have questions about FritsJurgens or if you're looking for a pivot door partner, please contact Bridgeport Worldwide to start a conversation.

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