Compact meets comfort 

Deventer House

The first things that come to mind when taking a look at this almost square-shaped home are compact and minimalistic. The owners, a young couple, were given a piece of land by the government to build on and they let Studio MAKS create their dream home.

The budget was tight and the space limited. This led to the design of a minimalistic and compact but nevertheless comfortable home where quality and design can be found throughout the entire space.

FritsJurgens invisible pivot hinges.

FritsJurgens invisible pivot hinges

Studio MAKS used low-cost, durable materials on the inside and the outside of the home. Even though the budget was tight, comfort and quality were not compromised. Several pivoting doors with FritsJurgens pivot hinges can be found throughout the house. In the living room for example, a large glass and steel pivoting door opens to the garden. This creates an extra entry and, when fully opened, outdoor and indoor are strongly connected.

The clean and minimalistic design of the interior is not disturbed by visible pivot hinges. Every FritsJurgens pivot hinge is fully mounted in the door. Only a beautifully designed small floor- and ceiling plate can be visible, but in this case the frame hides the pivot hinge altogether. The weight of the pivoting glass and steel door as well as the weight of the concrete front door are easily carried by the FritsJurgens hinges.

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Contrasting materials

The difference between the design of the inside of the home and the outside creates quite a contrast. The concrete façade has a wooden texture, created by wooden boards that are used when casting the concrete. The inside is clean and white and designed to make use of every square centimeter available. The concrete was planned to be continued on the interior, but instead the choice for another material was made. The light and minimalistic design that was eventually created inside gives the sometimes very small living spaces their much-needed openness.

FritsJurgens invisible pivot hinges Deventer House.

Glass pivot doors for natural light all around

The house has two levels. On the ground floor you find a kitchen, living room, dining room, entrance lobby and a toilet hidden away under the stairs. It has large windows that let in lots of natural light, such as the pivoting glass and steel door in the living room. Various large openings throughout the space on the ground floor ensure that the daylight reaches every part of the level, maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

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Functional and personal

The use of white and grey combined with lots of hidden storage with a handle-less design gives the owners the opportunity to give the spaces their own personal touch. Artworks, small colored details and plants add personality and warmth to the house without sacrificing precious space. Storage and even seating have been built in on both levels in almost every wall to maximize space as much as possible. On the first floor, this creates room for two bedrooms, a bathroom and even a small office.

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The right vision

Deventer House is an example of what the right architectural vision can create with only a small plot of land and a tight budget. Compact meets comfort: every space is optimally utilized while still comfortable, light, and inviting. A true family home on only 110 square meters: Deventer House proves it is possible.