steel-framed glassdoor - opened pivot door - FritsJurgens.

Somfy House with steel-framed glass doors

Building Happiness with steel-framed glass doors

In the Somfy House in Hoofdddorp, those who are interested can experience the comfort of smart-home solutions themselves. In 2015, the storage space of this Somfy House was reconstructed into a beautiful showroom, equipped with an elegant steel-framed glass door. The space has an open and transparent character due to the abundant use of steel-framed glass. The design of the pivot doors continues into the stair gates, creating a stylish unity.

System M: self-closing and soft-close

With its self-closing and soft-close functionality, the FritsJurgens System M is the system these steel doors with glass needed. After the door is opened, it will always close in a controlled manner and as silent as a whisper. Additionally, the door can be fixed at -90 and 90 degrees, creating a wide passageway. The Somfy House stands for “Building Happiness”; our pivot-door hinge has contributed to that ambition.

Prime examples

steel-framed glass door - opened pivot door at the Somfy House - FritsJurgens
Steel-framed glass door at Somfy House
Somfy house - Hoofddorp, the Netherlands - Tordoir van den Berg - System M
steel-framed glass door - closed pivot door at the Somfy House - FritsJurgens
Steel pivot door almost invisible in closed position
Somfy house - Hoofddorp, the Netherlands - Tordoir van den Berg - System M
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Be inspired

Curious regarding the other applications of the FritsJurgens pivot-door hinges? Allow yourself to be inspired by our stories.

## SYSTEM M - Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚and -90˚ - Self-closing from -125˚ to + 125˚ - Adjustable closing damping (soft closing) - Adjustable hydraulic backcheck - Can be combined with door frames - Patented system [SYSTEM M DETAILS](/pivot-hinge/system-m){.button}