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  • Pivot hinge - System One - FritsJurgens

    System One

    A pivot door hinge differentiates itself because all technology is entirely mortised in the door. System One is the most compact system of FritsJurgens.
  • Floorplate System One/3 round

    For: Floorplate Rounded One/3

  • Floorplate System One/3 square

    For: Floorplate Square One/3

  • 2D drawing System One

    For: System One, Top Pivot 70mm, Cable Grommet

  • faq

    Can I install the floor plate simultaneously with the floor?

    FritsJurgens has developed a special floor plate for System M(+) – the Flush floor plate. Note: it is no longer possible to adjust the door radial when you use the Flush floor plate. The floor plate of the System One and System 3 hinges can always be installed simultaneously with the floor.

  • faq

    Do you also have specification texts?

    FritsJurgens supplies specification texts for System M(+), System 3 and System One. You can find them for each system on the download page.

  • faq

    I must construct an exterior door. Do you also have details for this?

    FritsJurgens has developed details for both System M+ (flush) and System One in cooperation with several leading producers of exterior doors.

  • 3D drawing (BIM)

    For: System One

  • 3D drawing (STEP)

    For: System One

  • Milling & Mounting Manual One/3

    For: System One, System 3, Top Pivot 70mm, Cable Grommet, Hexagon Guide