FritsJurgens’ Best Pivot Doors of 2022 terms & conditions

Categories and winners

  • Best Exterior Door - 5 nominees, 1 winner

  • Best Interior Door - 5 nominees, 1 winner

  • Best Specialty Application (all applications outside of regular interior and exterior doors) - 3 nominees, 1 winner

  • Widest door - 1 winner

  • Tallest door - 1 winner

Rules of participating in FritsJurgens Best Pivot Doors

  • There is no entry fee to participate.

  • One must provide high-resolution images in order to be qualified and ranked properly by the jury (300dpi preferably).

  • The door has not been listed in earlier editions.

  • The door is installed in a finished environment.

  • FritsJurgens hardware is used in the project.

  • A door can be entered only once.

  • Multiple entries of the same door would be considered as one entry.

  • The jury has the final decision as to which category the project belongs to.

General rules of engagement

  • Use of submitted content: All submitted projects with their attached content are free of copyrights and may be shared, edited, and used by FritsJurgens for marketing and advertising purposes. Submitted content may appear on sponsored articles on architectural platforms, social media, FritsJurgens website, etc.

  • The jury has the final word to decide who the winner will be.

  • There is no maximum number of entries by one individual as long as they are different doors.

  • The party who is entering the contest needs to be directly involved in the project or in the process of manufacturing the door that is entered in the contest.

  • All category entries must be received before the submission deadline. Entries received after the submission deadline will not participate in this year’s contest. Neither FritsJurgens nor the judges will accept responsibility or liability for any lost, late, mislaid, or incomplete entries with all such entries deemed invalid. For the purpose of doubt, proof of dispatch shall not be accepted as proof of entry.

  • The winners will be notified via email, and there won’t be an award ceremony held this year. The prizes will be sent to you via direct mail.

  • The Specialty categories encompass all applications in which FritsJurgens hardware is applied and aren’t doors. This includes movable walls, rotating bookcases, TV furniture, gates, windows, and shells. The jury has the final word about which category a submitted project falls into.

  • FritsJurgens may or may not contact the submitter via the provided contact details in the upload form to retrieve more information or resolve unclarities about the submitted project.

  • By entering this contest, it is deemed that the party has read all the terms and conditions.

Credentials and tags of submitted projects and involved parties

Creators of content and pivot doors will always be mentioned with a tag or name of the involved parties based upon the information that is provided via the upload form.  

Project assessment - Jury

The jury will assess the projects based on: 

  • Design 

  • Uniqueness 

  • Application 

  • Category fit


There will be an award for the category winners Best Exterior Pivot Door, Best Interior Pivot Door, Best Specialty Application, Tallest Door, and Widest Door.