FritsJurgens makes pivot doors possible

Nothing in the floor or the ceiling


Fritsjurgens is changing the construction process. For the first time ever it is possible to use a pivot door without a floor spring. This simplifies things hugely. Sometimes less really is more.

Heavy doors, large sizes


There is a huge demand for large pivot doors.
Until now these were difficult to build. With the FritsJurgens system you are free to go big.
The possibilities are endless.

Self-closing - hold positions


A beautiful door requires good technology. Self-closing with a hold position every ninety degrees.
Which means you no longer need spring latches, cranks, frames or slats.

Operation of a FritsJurgens pivot door

Making a FritsJurgens pivot door

Fitting a FritsJurgens pivot door

FritsJurgens pivot doors

A pivot door is a frameless door that rotates around an imaginary axis. Previously a pivot door could be fitted only by using a device in the floor. Thanks to the innovative FritsJurgens pivot door hinge that is now a thing of the past and pivot doors can be used simply in both new and existing situations.
The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge makes it possible to have a frameless door and ensures a smooth, pure wall appearance. The frameless doors require no frames, slats, door cranks, spring latches, end plates or stops. This gives a minimalist architectural appearance in both the open and the closed position with few disruptive lines. Moreover, the FritsJurgens mechanism permits large, heavy doors with a free direction of rotation,  which increases the architect’s design freedom.


Pivot doors are movable walls. In a closed position they are virtually invisible; in an open position they can determine the space. It is precisely this that is the major strength of the pivot door: it is a rotating part of a wall that can influence space, functionality and perception.