Farmhouse Utrecht, The Netherlands

Elegant pivot doors in exclusive farmhouse

FritsJurgens pivot door hinges are integrated into the wooden, glass and steel pivot doors of this luxurious farmhouse in Utrecht, The Netherlands. As the name implicates, the residence was a formal farm that is transformed into a spacious residence.

The front part of the residence has been unchanged. The rear part of the residence, on the other hand, has been rebuilt.

The residence, in general, underwent a true transformation. Pivot doors were added to the interior as design elements. This luxury farmhouse contains a total of 30 pivot doors, all with FritsJurgens inside.

Harmony between the inside and outside

The boundary between inside and outside of the residence is central during the rebuild of this farmhouse. The countryside that can be seen and experienced around the house had to be brought into the interior of the house as well. BOOM Landscape, ZECC Architecten and ZW6|Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar have fulfilled this desire perfectly. Certain elements of the residence made the boundaries between inside and outside almost disappear completely.

The extension of the house provides an open space which now holds a terrace. The pivoting doors that form the entrance to the terrace are fitted with glass to emphasize the connection between the inside of the house and the country side. The glass pivoting doors and large windows bring more attention to the countryside from the patio. The inside and outside really come together here.

pivot door wood - rural house - FritsJurgens.

Integrated design

The project is special inter alia due to the extension. Significantly more volume is created. The extension brings a garage, technique room, and atelier. This beautiful farmhouse is worth mentioning not only because of the extra space but also because it concerns a sustainable and energetically neutral farm. The integrated approach combines the ambition of a sustainable and energy-independent home with a sophisticated house design. Discover how FritsJurgens pivot hinges are applicable to any pivot door in virtually any situation. Even if floor heating is applied.


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Natural look and feel

The realisation of the interior design is executed in collaboration with architect Jeroen Zwetselaar (ZW6). The above mentioned approach can also be seen in the interior. Mostly because the utilisation of basic building materials, such as timber, concrete and steel. The design creates different ambiances in every part of the interior.

The wooden pivot doors with FritsJurgens hinges inside play a major role in creating the desired ambiance. Opening or closing the wooden pivot doors creates profound differences in the look and feel of the interior. FritsJurgens pivot hinges are suitable for a variety of materials.

Pivot door perfection

The function of the wooden doors are perfected by the FritsJurgens System M pivot hinge. This particular pivot door hinge offers soft opening, with fluid motions and an extremely silent soft close function. System M can do this without the need for structural elements or modifications to floor. The resulting range of motion goes together seamlessly with the design of this exclusive living farm.