System M

System M is a self-closing pivot system and offers adjustable soft-close and hydraulic backcheck.

Adjustability for every pivot door

Controlled door movement

Thanks to Damper Control, System M has adjustable soft-close and hydraulic backcheck to guarantee fluid door movement.


Self-closing and hold positions

System M is self-closing and has hold positions at every 90° angle. This way, you determine the door’s spatial impact.


Single- and double acting doors

System M is suitable for almost every type of pivot door. Single- and double-acting, interior and exterior, with and without door frames.



A pivot door needs various components – the pivot system, a floor plate, a ceiling plate, and a top pivot.

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Ceiling plates

The ceiling plate is fitted in the ceiling, where the pin of the top pivot seamlessly fits into the hole in the ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is available in two finishes: brushed stainless steel and black.

Bottom Pivot

The bottom pivot is the pivot mechanism and driver of the pivot door and is fitted in the bottom side of the door. The pivot mechanism therefore is virtually invisible. FritsJurgens bottom pivots have a load bearing capacity for pivot doors up to 500 Kg.

The bottom pivot offers several features, depending on the choice of bottom pivot, such as: hold positions, damper control, latch control, 30° speed control, free swing.

The bottom pivots placement determines the the spatial impact that the pivot door will have on its surroundings. Besides a more regular side placement to create pivot doors, FritsJurgens pivot hinges are also suitable for 360 degree rotating panels or walls.

Top pivot

The top pivot is mounted into the top of the door. It uses a so-called pinhole connection, in which the pin is fixed to the top pivot and goes into the hole in the ceiling plate when the door is placed.

FritsJurgens offers two types of top pivots: Top pivot Regular and Top pivot Cable Grommet. Top pivot Cable Grommet is designed to enable easy wiring through the door for lighting or electronic security.

Floor plates

Every FritsJurgens floor plate is mounted 8 mm in the floor. This is sufficient for almost every floor type and makes it possible to combine FritsJurgens’ hinges with floor heating. Two longer, shortenable floor plate pins of 30 mm are included with the square floor plate designs.

There are various floor plates available for System M. The standard floor plate is available in four designs: brushed stainless steel (Series 420) and PVD black in a round and a square version. Also available is floor plate Flush, which can be integrated into thresholds and into interior floors. The floor plates by FritsJurgens are made of solid tempered steel and therefore fully scratch resistant.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between System M and System M+?
System M+ has two extra movement adjustability options – 30° Speed Control and Latch Control – to fine-tune the door’s movement. System M and System M+ are both equipped with Damper Control. Besides the difference in movement adjustability, System M+ is suitable for doors between 80 and 500 kg, System M for doors between 20 and 209 kg.
How do I choose the right type?
To select the right type of System M for your pivot door, use the FritsJurgens Selector.
How do I know if System M is the right choice for my pivot door?
To find out if System M is the right choice for your door design, use the FritsJurgens Selector.


Dimensions 294,8 x 32 x 99,6 mm
Weight 2,6 KG
Material Stainless Steel | Anodized aluminum
Corrosion resistance EN 1670 - class 5 (norm: 0-5)
Types 4 types, weight class AA - C
Door specifications
Door acting Single & double-acting
Weight capacity 20 - 210 kg
Min. door thickness 40 mm
Door width 400 - 4400 mm
Top gap 4-10 mm
Bottom gap 11 mm
Hold positioning 90° , -90° and 0°
Guarantee 2 years
Free Swing
Damper Control
30° Speed Control
Latch Control


2D drawing M42+
DWG File, 1.01 MB
2D drawing System M
DWG File, 1.04 MB
3D drawing - 40 mm (STEP)
STEP File, 1.83 MB
3D drawing - 70 mm (STEP)
STEP File, 1.73 MB
Fine tuning card
PDF File, 255.16 KB
Milling & Mounting Manual M/M+
PDF File, 3.78 MB
Specification Text
RTF File, 2.28 KB
Technical Data Sheet System M/M+ with TP-40 and TP-70
PDF File, 803.34 KB

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