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The pivot door: the pinnacle in the field of architecture and aesthetics. The FritsJurgens mission: to design and produce the perfect hinge for this perfect pivot door. Discover how, together with leading craftsmen, we work on quality and timeless beauty.

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Pivoting door

Make a statement

A pivot door is a unique design statement. This rotating wall is invisible in its closed position, but has a highly decisive spatial impact when opened. With the FritsJurgens pivot-door hinge, you can have a door designed, which, in terms of its functionality and experience, seamlessly aligns with your aspired spatial expression.

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Palazzo Madama, Turino

Embracing history

In its current form the Palazzo Madama in Turin goes back to the 15th century, but the majestic pivot doors that lead to the palace gardens are far more modern. In 2016, applying our System M hinge, these doors were renovated by the architect, Diego Giachello. Proof that antique doors and modern technology can combine seamlessly.

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Pivot hinge


The FritsJurgens pivot hinge is beautifully designed but, understandably, you want the focus to be on the pivot door. This is why all our hinge types are completely integrated into the door. We would like to show you what normally remains invisible.

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innovative pivot door systems

FritsJurgens has the ambition to develop the optimal technique for pivoting doors. This is still the aim of FritsJurgens; the ongoing creation of innovative pivot hinges.

Pivoting doors add great value to a room design. Through the years, the door has developed into a high-end design element. FritsJurgens is a leader in the creation of high-quality and innovative pivot hinges.


For any type of pivot door

FritsJurgens hinges are suitable for any type of interior or exterior door, both for doors without and with frame. The pivot hinge systems are suitable for a wide range of material, such as glass, steel, steel doors with glass, wood, solid and antique doors. The pivot hinges can be applied both in commercial and residential environments. In addition, FritsJurgens has solutions in the field of soundproof doors, fire-resistant doors, draft-proof doors, burglar-resistant doors and combinations with wind- and waterproof profiles.

Wooden pivot doors From classic to modern, wooden pivot doors are timeless and suitable for a wide range of applications.
Frameless doors Frameless doors are modern and unique. The hinge is concealed in the door.
Pivoting walls Pivot doors are exceptionally well suited for pivoting walls, and can also function as room dividers.
Exterior pivot door Pivot doors in exterior situations are designed with draft-proof and moisture-proof details.
Steel doors A steel pivot door is an expression of craftsmanship, perfection and sophisticated details.
Solid doors A solid pivoting door is the modern alternative to a classic door.

Design element

Nowadays doors are not just functional. They are increasingly added to interiors as high-end design elements. Pivot doors represent design and aesthetic, are invisible when closed but have a highly decisive spatial impact when opened. The FritsJurgens hinge makes it possible to design a door that in terms of functionality and experience aligns seamlessly with the desired spatial expression.

Dutch precision

FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Every day, the professionals at FritsJurgens produce pivot hinges of the highest quality. The system is clearly designed for life:

  • Stylish
  • Timeless
  • Maintenance-free

The hinge system is indestructible. And thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the system is maintenance-free. Extensive testing shows that even after 1 million movements (comparable to 136 years of daily use) the systems still function with the same perfection. FritsJurgens’ pivot hinges have the highest corrosion resistance (in accordance with the EN 1154 standard, class 4). Even the most diverse circumstances do not affect the operation of this system.

Technique in the door

The FritsJurgens pivot hinge system is always completely concealed in the top and bottom of the pivot door. This makes it easy to incorporate the pivot door into an interior and prevents the pivot door from interfering with the interior. The footplate is fixed 8 mm in the floor, and the ceiling plate is barely visible. Pivot doors of up to 500 kg and of any dimension can easily be fitted with a FritsJurgens pivot door system.

Ultimate movement

Through the years, FritsJurgens has perfected the pivot hinge. Functionalities such as opening damping, self-closing, soft-close, and adjustable closing speed have been added to the FritsJurgens systems. The movement of the door is now perfect; the door opens and closes itself in one smooth movement.

With the introduction of System M, FritsJurgens has perfected the design of pivot doors. This new pivot hinge ensures the perfect movement of any pivot door.

smooth System M


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