Unlimited design

Every FritsJurgens pivot hinge offers the architect the possibility to design pivot doors without limitations. The high load-bearing capacity of the hinges gives freedom to create pivot doors that exceed the function of a normal door and become true design statements. From frameless subtle doors to true eyecatchers or even hidden bookcases, FritsJurgens pivot hinges make it possible for architects to bring their visions to life.

View examples of these visions and explore the possibilities that FritsJurgens pivot hinges offer.

Pavilion in the Tuscan hills

Discover this contemporary pavilion, a tribute to its location in the Italian hills.

Glass and steel wine cabinet

The initial idea was a room divider between the hall and the sitting area. That idea gave way to a beautiful glass and steel wine cabinet.

Office building NNZ

Discover how two pivot doors take you back in time.

Pivoting louvers

Five louvers turned out to be the perfect room-dividing solution.

Pivoting bookcase by Standard Studio

The balance that had to be found on the ground floor of this house is unusual and complicated. At first glance, the space is so overwhelming that it seems almost impossible to give it function.

Nordiawerf, The Netherlands

For the luxury apartments in the Nordiawerf in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, ENZO architecture & interior designed these unique pivot doors. Project: Nordiawerf Residence, The Netherlands

Honest and personal

What actually is it that makes glass and steel pivot doors so loved in modern day interiors?

Groninger Forum

Two completely different kinds of doors were both executed perfectly.

The New Atrium, The Netherlands

Unique, grand and simply overwhelming. Four colossal interior pivot doors in a prominent place in a magnificent building. Project: The New Atrium

Luxury Farmhouse, The Netherlands

Wooden pivot doors with System M Inside

Secret Bookcase Doors, The Netherlands

Find out how architect Ernst Hoek created a room separation that does not look and feel like a separation. Project: Adjacent home office, The Netherlands

Compact meets comfort

A true family home on only 110 square meters: Deventer House proves it is possible. Project: Compact family home

Architectural Elements, United States

The process of creating a unique interior piece is often just as interesting as the end result itself. Project: Architectural Elements pivot door, Seattle

St. Mary Chapel, United States

The award-winning architectural design of the St. Mary chapel with beautiful steel-framed pivot door with walnut slats. Project: St. Mary Chapel, United States.

Rough diamond on Sunshine Beach

A 6-meter high pivot door inspired by nearby caves opens up to an ocean view - take a look at this marvelous project.

Castlecrag House, Australia

A shimmering copper entrance door welcomes you into a comfortable Australian villa.

The AP house, Italy

Refined contemporary architecture in Italy with FritsJurgens inside. Project: The AP house, Italy.

Palazzo Madama, Italy

In its current form the Palazzo Madama in Turin dates back to the 15th century, but the majestic pivot doors that lead to the palace gardens are much more modern. Project: Palazzo Madama, Turin

FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems

FritsJurgens offers three pivot hinge systems that make frameless doors possible. As a result, a minimalistic architectural image with few disruptive lines arises. Additionally, the hinges can carry doors with weights from 20 kg to 500 kg and are hidden in the door, so that the vision of the architect can be optimally realized.

Learn more about each system and find out which system suits your pivot door design.



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Countless applications

Almost every type of material is suited for a pivot door with FritsJurgens pivot hinges inside. Wood, glass, steel, aluminium or even marble: explore the various possibilities.


More Inspiration

Are you curious about the different possibilities for your pivot door? Take a look at our image gallery and get inspired by your favorite projects.

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