Travel to the world’s most captivating pivot door projects in Opening up. Every last Monday of the month, FritsJurgens releases a new episode in which architects, door manufacturers, and pivot door owners talk about their pivot door projects.

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Episode 13

An impressive monument symbiotically modernized

Marleen Valstar, project architect and partner at Heyliger's architects had a vision. And that vision entailed combining the old with something daringly modern. The project was Nieuwe Spiegfelstraat. The result, quite astounding.

A good example of this symbiosis between old and new is the pivot door on the first floor. This door honors the traditional heritage on the one hand and the modern aspect of the renovation on the other. An ingenious design that quite literally shows the two different sides of the building.

In this thirteeth episode, of Opening Up we will dive deeper into the why behind the what.

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Episode 12

George Livissianis combines robustness with refinement

In the twelfth episode of Opening up, we offer you a glance at the renovated studio of interior architect George Livissianis. His goal in every design: getting the most out of any room. To that end, he combines raw materials with stylish details.

For the renovation of his own studio in Sydney, he used four frameless pivot doors. They proved essential in the narrow, long, and tapered room. The hinge systems and stylish doors seamlessly fit with the other elements, making the room radiate consistency and tranquility.

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Episode 11

An Outstanding Symbiosis Between Design and Manufacturing

Episode 11 of Opening up reveals a different side of Malibu. We delve into the world of designer Scott Gillen and door manufacturer Jeff Brothers, who have collaborated on numerous projects for almost twenty years, achieving perfect synchronisation in their work approaches.

Associations with Malibu often lead directly to stars, the beach and palm trees. However, in this residential house located in the famous Californian city, something else tops the list of first impressions: pivot doors.

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Episode 10

Neo-Gothic Architecture Meets Modern Minimalism

In episode 10 of Opening up, renowned architect Walter Kräutler and artist Sofie Thorsen collaborate in the considerate renovation of Oberneukirchen's neo-Gothic church in Austria. The 500-year-old structure retains its historical exterior while embracing modern elements inside. Kräutler's meticulous approach emphasizes precision and collaboration, focusing on details to create harmonious spaces.

The church's interior transformation, centered around a relocated altar with delicate steel pipes, aims for a light and airy ambiance. Custom-made glass and steel doors, equipped with FritsJurgens pivot hinges, contribute to the minimalist design, offering an uninterrupted view of the impressive space.

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Episode 9

Giving Entrance to a Gorgeous Panorama

Episode 9 of Opening up presents a to this date unparalleled view within this series. Utilizing two steel and wood pivot doors as their assets, the architect duo of Rudin Donner Design has artfully captured the beauty of nature surrounding this Hollywood mansion.

Their project provides a formerly entrance-free home with a strong focal point that also serves as a striking surprise for first time visitors.

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Episode 8

Ultimate Doors and Joinery’s Grand Entrance

Be prepared for a grand entrance as we welcome Bill Alam in episode 8 of Opening up, director of the Sydney-based company Ultimate Doors and Joinery. Always seeking ways to go higher and wider, the master of the monumental entranceway shares which hardware he trusts in entirely and which finish he prefers to work with at the moment.

Furthermore, he gives valuable insights into his client-centered approach with an emphasis on consultation that offers customers a one-stop solution combining design, manufacturing, and installation.

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Episode 7

The Luxurious Craftsmanship of Door Design Workshop

Episode 7 of Opening up leads us to a calm oasis situated in buzzing Las Vegas. Here, Josh Briere and Brian Durke of Door Design Workshop have come together to exhibit luxury doors and hardware solutions in their impressive showroom.

With decades of experience in door design and installation, the duo shares insights into the impact of Nevada's climate extremes on door components, their mission to transform client visions into functional design masterpieces, and their appreciation for high-quality European hinges.

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Episode 6

Hotel Gerl: Unveiling authenticity

In episode six of Opening up, we delve into the world of Hotel Gerl. Situated in Austria, Hotel Gerl beautifully blends authentic hospitality with a keen eye for design. Georg Gerl, together with his wife Brit, shares their vision of the hotel, creating a unique space that seamlessly merges traditional Austrian elements with modern influences from their travels.

Through the artful incorporation of pivot doors, Hotel Gerl invites guests to embark on a captivating journey of exploration. These remarkable doors symbolize anticipation, ignite curiosity, and set the stage for unforgettable experiences.

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Episode 5

Unveiling Albert Park House

Episode five of Opening up features Albert Park House and showcases Steel Window Design's fusion of modern elegance and timeless design. This architectural gem captures contemporary living while honoring heritage with meticulous attention to detail.

Innovative use of materials highlight the unparalleled quality of Australian craftsmanship. With a focus on sourcing local materials, Steel Window Design ensures the highest level of control over the manufacturing process, while their dedication to using only the highest-quality hardware sets them apart in the market.

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Episode 4

Industry meets design in Empl’s handover hall

In episode four of Opening up we take you to the stylish production hall of Austria-based Empl: a manufacturer of fire-fighting trucks and other large vehicles with special functions.

Mobile army hospitals, for example, but also commercial temperature-controlled trucks. The handover hall is where the new vehicles are handed over to the clients personally. Of course, this type of special vehicle asks for an interior that is just as special, including pivot doors. Empl's hall has five, including a front door standing more than 4 m tall.

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Episode 3

Playing with contrast in a Portuguese family home

Discover a robust and daringly contrasting family home between the seven rolling hills of ‘the city of light,’ Lisbon. In this final part of FritsJurgens’ triptych, Stories of Lisbon’s light, we discover how architect Pedro Domingos designed a home where daylight and the river Tagus plays the leading role.

With the residence facing the south, radical architectural choices had to be made to allow the light to flow through the entire residence.

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Episode 2

Bright and luxurious dwelling in Cascais

Let us take you on an imaginary holiday in part two of Stories of Lisbon’s light. Board the train in Lisbon, and you’ll find yourself in the center of Cascais about an hour later: a vibrant seaside resort, hidden on the westernmost tip of the European continent.

Glistening in the sun of the Riviera Portuguesa, architect Bruno Novo gave his modern, minimalist touch to a holiday villa where natural light plays the leading part.

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Episode 1

Carrot Incentives's sun-drenched office

In this first part of FritsJurgens’ triptych Stories of Lisbon’s light, we take you to Carrot Incentives' sun-drenched office. The city known for its narrow, steep streets and fado music basks in a characteristic type of daylight: it is reflected by the river Tagus.

Ten steel-and-glass pivot doors control this natural light in Carrot Incentives' workspace from sunrise to sunset, creating a work environment that is pleasant all day long.

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