System M+

System M+ takes the System M pivot hinge range to a new level. This adjustable pivot hinge brings Latch Control to ensure proper latching, guaranteed control over the movement of doors up to 500 kg, and extra adjustability for the movement of the door. System M+, like System M, is equipped with motion technology which creates and controls the movement of the pivot door.

System M and System M+

  • Hold positions at 0°, 90° and -90°
  • Damper Control

System M+

  • 30° Speed Control
  • Latch Control
  • Guaranteed control over the movement from 20 to 500 kg

Latch Control and 30° Speed Control

FritsJurgens’ adjustable pivot hinge System M+ introduces Latch Control and 30° Speed Control. Latch Control enables the door to accelerate in the last 10° of the movement of the door to ensure proper latching of the door. This is especially useful in exterior pivot doors.

30° Speed Control allows you to fine-tune the speed of the pivot door through the last 30° of the closing movement. This helps you to define the closing movement of the door, no matter the weight. Control from 20 kg to 500 kg.

System M’s best features can also be found in System M+: Damper Control, motion technology, hold positions at 0°, 90° and -90° and suitability for double- and single acting doors.

Motion technology

Power becomes control

Why constrain power when you can convert it into control? motion technology puts hydraulic power, to use by turning it into a controlled, smooth door movement. This is what makes motion technology unique. In System M and System M+ the movement of the pivot door is created and controlled by motion. In heavy and light doors. Unabridged power, full control.


with motion technology

Latch control

Provides the ability to adjust the pivot hinge to latch the door properly.

Damper control

Ensures a smooth and elegant closing movement and protects your door from touching the wall (back-check).

30º Speed Control

Allows you to determine the speed of the pivot door through the last part of the closing movement.


8 mm in the floor

System M+ can be combined with radiant floor heating since the floorplate only needs to be mortised 8 mm into the floor.


Minimum door thickness of 40 – 50 mm

System M+ is, depending on the weight of the door, suitable for doors that have a minimum door thickness of 40 mm or 50 mm.


Smart installation

The installation process of System M and System M+ is exactly the same and can be done in four quick steps. First, the floor- and ceiling plate are mounted. Then the pivot door can easily be placed. Finally, you can finetune the door to create the movement you desire.



Model selector

System M+ is suitable for doors between 20 and 500 kg. Depending on your needs and the size of your door, you can find out which model suits your with the model selector.


Light and heavy doors

FritsJurgens’ adjustable pivot hinge System M+ is suitable for light and heavy doors weighing 20 to 500 kg. Up to 210 kg, it is also possible to choose System M. From 210 kg up to 500 kg System M is automatically replaced by System M+ to guarantee a fluent, smooth door movement.

30° Speed Control and Latch Control are benefits that both come with System M+. Latch Control can make even a 20 kg door latch properly, and 30° Speed Control makes doors that weigh as much as 500 kg close as soft as a whisper.


System M+

FritsJurgens’ adjustable pivot hinge System M+ is integrated into the bottom part of the door. The oval base of the hinge fits exactly into the slot in the floor plate that supports the door.


Ceiling plate

The ceiling plate is fitted in the ceiling, where the pin of the top pivot seamlessly fits into the hole in the ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is available in two finishes: brushed stainless steel and black.


Top pivot

The top pivot is mounted into the top of the door. It uses a so-called pinhole connection, in which the pin is fixed to the top pivot and goes into the hole in the ceiling plate when the door is placed.

New: floor plate Flush

Floor plates

There are various floor plates available for System M+. The standard floor plate is available in two finishes and shapes: brushed stainless steel (Series 420) and PVD black in a round and a square version. Also available is floor plate Flush, which can be integrated into thresholds and into interior floors. The floor plates by FritsJurgens are made of solid tempered steel and therefore fully scratch resistant.

Show all floorplates

Technical Specifications

Load-bearing capacity

System M+ is suitable for both light and heavy pivot doors covering a range between 20 and 500 kg

Minimum door thickness

40 mm or 50 mm, depending on the suitable model for your door measurements and weight.

Minimum-installation dimensions around the door

Below: 11 mm Above: Minimum 4 mm, maximum 10 mm Door/closing side: Gap calculation

Hold positions

0˚, 90˚ and -90˚

Minimum distance from the pivot point to the side of the door

91 mm

Maximum door dimensions

Unrestricted up to a maximum weight of 500 kg (System M+ model selector)

For any type of pivot door

System M+ is suitable for interior and exterior doors. For more information please contact us.

Floating floors / suspended ceilings

It is possible to fit a pivot door if the floor plate or ceiling plate is connected to the structural subfloor or ceiling.


Delivered as a complete set with top pivot, floor plate, ceiling plate and mountin g accessories.


Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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