ADA compliant door closer.

Opening doors to everyone

The FritsJurgens® Friendly Access is part of the System M pivot hinge range. The System M of FritsJurgens® delivers total control over the movement of the pivot door. This level of control enabled FritsJurgens® to fine tune the closing speed and door-opening force to meet the conditions of ICC A117.1-2017 in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Friendly access

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ADA compliant door closer

Friendly Access pivot hinge

The Friendly Access pivot hinge was specially designed by FritsJurgens® to meet the conditions of ICC A117.1-2017 and is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in terms of door opening force and closing speed.

ADA compliant door hardware

Your goal is to create a welcome feeling by offering high-level accessibility throughout your building in keeping with the precepts of Universal Design. FritsJurgens® ADA compliant door hardware will help you to achieve this goal. The Friendly Access system, part of the System M pivot hinge range (System M-FA), offers you all this. The pivot hinge is specifically engineered for accessibility and thus opens pivot doors to everyone. The opening goes as light as a feather, the closing very smooth.

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Door closing speed

An ADA compliant pivot door equipped with Friendly Access pivot hinge meets the minimum required closing speed of 5 seconds from 90º to 12º, in compliance with ICC A117.1-2017 – chapter 404.2.7.

Opening force

The force for pushing or pulling the pivot door open is a maximum of 5.0 pounds (22.2 N), in compliance with ICC A117.1-2017 – chapter 404.2.8.


Pivot hinge inside pivot door x-ray.

Nothing in the ceiling, nothing in the floor

FritsJurgens® revolutionizes the pivot door by fully mortising the closer technology in the top and bottom of the door, thereby eliminating the need for complex floor installations. The Friendly Acces models offers the same benefits as existing models. Extra benefits manifests as full compliance with ADA guidelines for doors, door hardware and door closers.

Technical information

System Friendly Access pivot hinge for ADA compliant doors.

ADA compliant door closer

System Friendly Access is a patented double-acting pivot hinge for ADA compliant doors. with an adjustable closer for doors and, like all FritsJurgens® pivot systems, Friendly Access is mortised entirely in the door leaf. Nothing in the ceiling. Nothing in the floor. All functions of the System M also count for the Friendly Access pivot hinge.


The door is able to swing in both directions because of the double acting pivot hinge .


The ADA compliant door can be placed in a hold position of 90º or -90º. Thanks to the self-closing function the door will return to the 0º position.


When opened from 125º and -125º, the closer returns the door to the 0º position.


The closing speed of the wheelchair accessible door can be adjusted manually.


On opening the door, the speed decreases at 70º to prevent knocking against any obstacles at 90º.

The system can be used on single acting doors as well.


Friendly Access pivot hinge.

Designed to stand the test of time

The Friendly Access pivot hinge system of FritsJurgens® is virtually indestructible. Rigorous testing has shown that even after 1 million cycles our system performs flawlessly. Built from high performance materials, the ADA friendly system is maintenance-free.

The Friendly Access offers

Load-bearing capacity: up to 660 lbs

The System M-FA can support pivot doors up to max 660 lbs (300kg).

Fits in virtually any door

The minimum door thickness is 1-1/2” (40mm).

For new and retrofit situations

The floorplate fasteners only need to be mortised 5/16’’ (8.0mm) in the floor.