The Luxurious Craftsmanship of Door Design Workshop

Functionality facilitating Design

The exciting buzz of Las Vegas famously represents unlimited possibilities, an energy that is strongly conveyed when talking to city locals Josh Briere and Brian Durke, the founders of Door Design Workshop. Specializing in high-end doors and hardware, the duo has decades of experience between them and offers their clients highly functional solutions with uniquely luxurious design. While located in the Entertainment Capital of the World, their appreciation for the quality of European hinge systems becomes evident as they share their thoughts on clients’ vague visions, unparalleled craftsmanship and the finesse required to bring it all together.

Showcasing the Luxurious Side of True Craftsmanship

The 7th installment of Opening up takes us to Las Vegas, where we uncover an unseen angle on this iconic city. Harbored in a spacious showroom, this hub of creativity offers Josh Briere and Brian Durke the platform to exhibit manifold types of luxury doors and hardware solutions. After decades of working in the field, the two door enthusiasts have many a story to tell – from quality hinges helping them to defy physics to the challenges the Nevada climate poses for doors – while continuously searching for the perfect solutions that turn a house into a functional design object.

The Beginning of a Wonderful Partnership

The process of door design may be meticulously planned on paper, but the moment of truth lies in the on-site installation. This principle also holds true for the founding story of Door Design Workshop. The two visionaries first crossed paths out in the field while working on solutions to best meet their consecutive client’s needs. While Brian was brought in for hardware and Josh for doors, it quickly became evident that the one had the know-how the other needed for the designs he envisioned but couldn’t find anywhere on the market. However, their partnership took years to evolve, until they finally decided “We should have a showroom to display these doors and these pieces of hardware. Because you can’t sell it if you can’t feel it.”

Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
Manufacture and design by Door Design Workshop
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Where a Vision Meets Expertise: The Showroom

The result goes beyond that of a conventional door shop or a typical project house, as the team also holds the knowledge needed to install the doors they envision. This offers a unique benefit for clients, who often come to the showroom with vague ideas, looking for the expertise to factor in the emerging requirements for related components. “When they see it in person, they can make an educated decision as to what is better.” says Josh about the importance of providing a tangible experience for products like the System M, as their unique qualities are challenging to convey solely in theory. “We’re not here to sell doors and hardware. We’re here to help our clients put together a project.” concludes Josh, emphasizing the importance of their holistic approach.


The Project: Putting Seven by Ten Feet on Hinges

While building doors takes skill, building doors in the Las Vegas climate is a different story. “Doors are not easy. You think they’re easy, but they’re not. Especially when you go into big doors that are heavy, it turns into a whole process.” explains Josh, highlighting that factors like the dryness of the Nevada desert must be considered to prevent cracking, twisting or failure of components. When the designer of this particular Las Vegas home first approached Josh and Brian, it was with a sketch of a seven by ten feet door which the duo knew had to withstand both the dryness and strong winds of the area. With safety in mind, System M+ quickly became the apparent solution for the execution of the design.

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System M+: Las Vegas Approved

System M+ offers two functions that are crucial in light of the door size and the given environmental influences: 30° Speed Control and Latch Control. To the former, Josh notes: “You can take that seven-foot door and throw it open, and just before it hits the wall, it slows down and stops, which is amazing.” The latter, referred to as the soft close, particularly fascinates them. Josh concludes, “When you have a heavy door that weighs 600 pounds, the soft close is not so much a liability as a safety aspect, preventing that much inertia free swinging into something or someone.” In his 20 years of installing doors – and after uncountable hours spent on their adjustment – it’s FritsJurgens easy installation process that convinced him early on. “I think my favorite part is the left and right adjustment. I can put that top and bottom pivot in perfectly plumb and do a million measurements until it’s perfect.”

System M+