Office building NNZ

History in a modern guise

NNZ specializes in packaging and originates in the north of the Netherlands. It is a family business founded in 1922 by the Boot family, who still run it today. This history is one to be proud of, and with that in mind, BuroBulder designed the new head office’s interior. Two pivot doors provide a glimpse into this rich history.

Glimpse into history

The images on the pivot doors provide a beautiful picture of the company in its first years of life. We see old storage spaces with piled-up jute bags, employees busy with everyday business, the first warehouse, and finally both generations of Boot, with whom the company started.

The two pivot doors are covered on both sides, each with a different image. They are ceiling-high, about three meters, and are distinguished from the rest of the wooden, room-dividing cupboard wall by the black and white photos. The doors hardly resemble passageways anymore. They take up a completely different place in the interior and make a statement next to the office spaces’ warm, light materials.

Thanks to the System M pivot systems from FritsJurgens, these doors can be placed in hold positions at 0, 90, and -90 degrees. For example, you can choose to open the door inwards, leave it closed or open it to the corridor so that the image is already visible from the other side of the open office building. Discover more about the application of a System M pivot hinge.

System M

A sophisticated yet powerful statement

Marjan Bulder, interior architect and owner of BuroBulder, talks about her choices in the design process.

“As it is a family business with a history that makes special products, I think it is important to show that. Not in excess but refined. I also deliberately had the photos made in black and white to balance the environment and the contrast. The graphics and the personal touch speak sufficiently and are therefore powerful enough.”

From utensil to family history

The pivot doors are made by Harryvan Interieurbouw and made of sheet material with HPL for the smoothest possible surface. Then the doors are covered with foil with the photos. The photos were scanned from the original old pictures from back in the days and then optimized for printing in such a large format.

The choice for these photos was self-evident, says Marjan. “I added these photos because they tell about the history of this family business and thus give this office its own face, a soul.”

Pivot doors like this one are an excellent example of the endless design possibilities that pivot doors with FritsJurgens pivot hinges offer. Where technology, installation, and user-friendliness aren’t obstacles, creativity can run free. Thus, doors are elevated from everyday utensils to true design statements, or in this case, even to bearers of a family history. Discover which other applications are possible in combination with a FritsJurgens system.



In addition to the two pivot doors with photos, the office also has a large number of glass and steel pivot doors. These are an essential part of the philosophy behind the interior.

Marjan: “The vision was to work in open-plan offices in an open, transparent, and friendly environment. Communication is important. The glass steel pivot doors support openness and transparency. Where and when you deem it necessary, you can close those doors for more privacy, noise reduction, and tranquility.”

Office Building NNZ
Architecture by Team4 Architects, interior, materialization and lighting plan by Bulder interieurarchitectuur, photography by Gerard van Beek
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Valuable translation

Translating the history of this family business into the interior has led to a result that is not only beautiful but also unique and authentic. It shows the variety of design options that pivot doors offer and the creativity they enable. The images are all special and tell the story together. It is a fantastic example of a utensil’s added value when you dare to think outside of its function.