Glass wine cabinet

From room divider to showpiece

The initial idea was a room divider between the hall and the sitting area. That idea gave way to a beautiful glass and steel wine cabinet. The hall was given a showpiece while the sitting room became a place to enjoy a good glass of wine by the fireplace. The wine cabinet has various gadgets to maintain the quality of the wine, including four pivot hinge systems from FritsJurgens.

From room divider to wine cabinet

In the original design, a room divider would be placed where the wine cabinet now stands. That way, the cozy sitting area would be separated from the hall. The door makers of Pjokke Dutch Design, who realized two double glass steel pivot doors in other places in the house, came up with the idea of the wine cabinet while enjoying a good glass of wine with the residents.

A sketch was scribbled on a notepad, and not much later, the wine cabinet was placed. The original design function was retained, namely separating the seating area from the hall, and a true showpiece came back in its place. The glass cabinet keeps all the fine wines and cigars in view without compromising on quality or functionality.

The cabinet is accessible from both sides thanks to four glass steel pivot doors, for example. All doors are equipped with System M+ pivot hinges by FritsJurgens, which means that the door movement is fully controlled, and the wines are protected. Find out what System M + makes possible.

System M+

Pivot aesthetics

The pivot doors in this design have been chosen based on functionality and aesthetics. The other pivot doors in the house are also made of glass and steel. This creates unity throughout the home. The wines are beautifully visible through the glass of the almost 2.5-meter-high and 1.2-meter-wide pivot doors.

Thanks to the FritsJurgens pivot systems, narrow frames and narrow seams are possible. This ensures refinement down to the smallest detail. Pjokke Dutch Design: “The opened doors of the wine cabinet are perfectly in line with the wine bottles at the ends of the cabinet.”

Pivot functionality

The four doors all pivot on System M+ pivot systems from FritsJurgens. Like all FritsJurgens systems, these systems are hidden in the door so that the focus remains on the wine. In addition, System M+ has various adjustable features to perfect the door movement: Damper Control, 30° Speed Control, and Latch Control.

Damper Control and 30° Speed Control ensure that the door movement and speed can be adjusted to personal preference. In this case, it is vital that the wine endures as few vibrations as possible. Old wines, in particular, are sensitive to shocks and vibrations. Thanks to the adjustable closing speed and the soft close of System M+, these wines retain their quality.

In addition, the glass steel pivot doors contribute to maintaining a stable temperature in the wine cabinet. Glass and steel are a durable, timeless combination of materials that can be varied endlessly in shape, color, and size. Discover more unique applications.


Steel pivot doors: functional, high-quality, and beautiful

Pjokke Dutch Design consciously chooses to work only with glass and steel, also when it comes to pivot doors. It is precisely then that these materials offer functionality, comfort, and aesthetics:

“The slender and slim profiles in combination with glass – which means more light – make steel doors very attractive today. The new way of constructing, almost airtight and well insulated, ensures that your whole house stays nice and warm. However, the laws of nature are maintained, and the warm air will still rise. This creates an unpleasant pull of air in your home. By placing doors that prevent the large air displacement, you prevent this problem. These doors no longer need a perfect seal of the opening. This creates great freedom of design with glass and steel, with the pivot door at the forefront in terms of ease of use, comfort, and design.”

Glass and steel framed wine cabinet
Four pivot doors in wine cabinet, designed by Pjokke Dutch Design
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This pivoting wine cabinet provides a beautiful place for the residents’ collection of wines and cigars. Where a standard solution first came up, now there is a real eye-catcher that meets all requirements.

The pivot door is the do-everything under the doors, also here. In addition to aesthetics, the glass and steel also prove to be functional. With the right pivot systems, the doors offer all the functionalities required, from entrance to bathroom door, from flexible wall to wine cabinet.