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25 January 2018

SOMT University Campus

Creating a balanced mix between education, living and business was key in the latest expansion of SOMT University Campus in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Design elements like wooden moveable walls and cork floors played an important role.

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10 January 2018

FritsJurgens project

Starbucks has opened a state-of-the-art premium reserve Roastery experience in Shanghai. This first fully-immersive coffee wonderland is the company’s “most ambitious project ever.” The launch included a new interactive retail experience for consumers based on augmented virtual reality. Starbucks was thrilled to bring this “first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia” to the marketplace. And FritsJurgens is part of it.


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28 August 2017

New pivot door hinge of FritsJurgens offers ultimate elegance

A pivot door is unique in the field of design and aesthetics. After years of development and testing, System M is ready, offering refined control of the flow of movement for very large pivot doors. System M offers an effortless experience with the touch of a finger: a single fluid movement and impeccably in balance

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System m X ray

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