Pivot doors as a design statement

Art and functionality come together

For the luxury apartments in the Nordiawerf in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, ENZO architecture & interior designed these unique pivot doors, manufactured by Broporte. The steel artworks on the doors give steel in pivot doors a new dimension. Not only are the designs stunning, they have a special personal meaning for the residents as well.

Words by the architects


Hidden in the door

Besides art and design, functionality is also important. Inside these pivot doors is the System M pivot hinge by FritsJurgens. Almost invisible, like all systems by FritsJurgens, because they are integrated in the door itself. Only a small ceiling- and floor plate are visible. The attention goes towards the design of the pivot door, one with the interior.

Artistic glass pivot door with FritsJurgens pivot hinge inside - Opened - Nordiawerf

Endless possibilities

By choosing the System M pivot door hinges by FritsJurgens the possibilities regarding weight and dimensions are unlimited. The systems by FritsJurgens give architects the freedom to bring the creativity in their designs to new heights.


Glass pivot door with FritsJurgens pivot hinge inside - Opened - Nordiawerf
Nordiawerf residence, The Netherlands
FritsJurgens - System M
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Timeless perfection

The pivot hinges by FritsJurgens are stylish, timeless and maintenance free. Even after one million movements – comparable with 136 years of daily use – the systems still function with the same timeless perfection. The combination of the stylish design, the high load bearing capacity and the applicability to new and existing situations enables architects to lift their designs to a higher level.

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Smart installation

Every pivot hinge system by FritsJurgens is easy and quick to install, thanks to the full integration in the top and bottom of the door. Structural elements and floor installations are not necessary. Just the small and after installation barely visible floor- and ceiling plates have to be placed. The floor plate fasteners only have to be mortised 8mm in the floor. This means that the systems are suitable for every type of floor, even when floor heating is applied.

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Ultimate elegance

A pivot door exceeds the function of a door: combined with the design and architecture of a building, like the Nordiawerf, it is a unique design statement. The System M pivot hinge has hold positions at 0, 90 and -90 degrees and an adjustable opening- and closing damping as well. With just the touch of a finger the pivot door is set into a single fluent motion. Ultimate elegance with FritsJurgens Inside.

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