Best Pivot Door Contest 2023

The nominee longlist

We proudly present the 15 nominated projects for the Best Pivot Door Contest 2023, selected by an independent jury of last year's winners. The levels of sophistication and intricate detailing demonstrate unparalleled technical precision and aesthetic innovation in pivot door design.

The winners of each category will be announced early December.

Best Exterior Pivot Door nominees


Design by Essentia Environments
Photography by Prunesh Dev Nikhanj


Words by the architect:
"This special pivot door is unique for a few reasons. First, it's really big and makes a grand entrance. Second, it's made from lightweight Laminam material, giving it a travertine-like appearance without the heavy weight. Third, it has a sleek and modern design that fits well in modern spaces.

Additionally, it can blend into the wall, acting like a hidden door that camouflages the space. When closed, it becomes a seamless part of the wall, adding an element of surprise and mystery to the room. It's not just a door; it's a clever design element that can transform a space and keep you guessing about what's behind it. It's both functional and stylish, making any place look amazing."


Manufactured by Invogue Door Systems


Words by the maker:
"The sheer size and copper cladding of this door has become a landmark in beachside suburb in Melbourne 475kg and 7mtr x 1.5 mtr wide plus side panels it is a statement piece."


Design by M.Plan ZT
Manufactured by Oberascher Tischlerei and Sky-Frame


Words by the architect:
"This pivot door stands out for its unique quality as it seamlessly integrates with the villa's design, not just serving a functional purpose but becoming an integral and distinctive element of the overall architectural narrative. The door is not only an entry point but a carefully crafted feature, harmonizing with the facade and offering a breathtaking view of the lakeside panorama, making it a truly special and unique design element."


Design by Studio Ong
Manufactured by Conmech Construction and Development Corporation


Words by the architect:
"The door is thoughtfully angled offering a warm and inviting impression while also ensuring privacy for those within the restaurant. It subtly integrates with the overall facade design, avoiding undue attention to stand on its own. The use of wood and vertically stacked louvers at varying heights not only imparts a rhythmic warmth but also piques the curiosity of passersby."


Manufactured by Hardwood Projects


Words by the maker:
"This door, a collaboration between Hardwood Projects and Details by Ned, is a highly custom creation. Every part, except the pivot, was made by us or Ned, including the steel plates and handle, and a modified mortise lock.

Constructed by Hardwood Projects, the doors feature steel frames clad with recycled Mixed Australian Red Hardwoods, insulated to withstand Canberra's climate. The steel internal frames ensure lasting alignment with the hardware. They're double-sealed with brush and rubber seals, including a custom steel threshold for water protection.

Using top-quality materials, the doors incorporate the FitsJurgens System M+ pivot. Each door weighs 290kg and measures 3180mm tall by 1450mm wide, requiring ten people to maneuver due to their size and weight."

Best Interior Pivot Door nominees


Design by De Rooy Steel Doors

The Netherlands

Words by the architect:
"This door features a unique model and coating that makes it a great contextual fit for this space."


Manufactured by Azero Interiors

The Netherlands

Words by the maker:
"The uniquely curved steel profiles is what sets this door apart from others. Elegant design and rigid materials result in this contemporary interior pivot door."


Design by DND Studio


Words by the architect:
"This door becomes completely invisible when in closed position. The soft-open and soft-close function adds a layer of sophistication besides the visual appeal."


Design by Csamay & Axis Pivot Türen


Words by the architect:
"The door is lightweight, thanks to the aluminum frame. Easily adaptable to anyones individual needs. With contemporary design and unmatched technology, this door is among the highest quality on the market.

It offers something special for those who appreciate quality and design, with stylish aesthetics and quiet closing mechanisms."


Designed by StudioLIV
Manufactured by Preferro
Photography by Tom Bremer

The Netherlands

Words by the maker:
"The material of the steel frame is bronze and the glass is tinted bronze as well, making the door feel both warm and transparant."

Best Specialty Application nominees


Design by Ramón Montero Cereijo & Carmen Pérez Parapar
Photography by Héctor Fernández Santos-Díez


Words by the architect:
"At the Castillo de San Felipe, a small 19th-century tower is set to become the first exhibit hall for its future interpretive center. This unused, wind-swept tower will have large iroko wood doors that pivot open, allowing air and fog to enter.

These tar-treated doors, reminiscent of ship caulking, aim to evoke the sea's atmosphere, merging past, present, and future in a singular sensory experience."


Design by Matulik Architekten
Manufactured by Tischlerei Grömmer
Photography by Kurt Hörbst - Architecture Photography


Words by the architect:
"The pivot door was the only solution for us in the planning process that allows for an optimal spatial structure both when open and closed. In the closed state, it serves as an attractive room divider, and when open, it expands the space and allows for unobstructed flow."


Design by Nicholas Elias
Manufactured by Hayden Kidd & Dan McKerrow


Words by the maker:
"The unique circular door, requiring precise 360-degree rotation, was a challenging feature that we, as the homeowners and foreman, crafted ourselves. This innovation, born from our dedication, blends seamlessly with the building's materials, creating an almost invisible effect with just a fine shadow line. The door's exterior and interior designs are meticulously aligned with the surrounding structure, ensuring a continuous timber flow.

Utilizing a central pivot system, the door operates without a handle, offering an interactive experience that feels integrated with the building's movement. It adds dynamism to the entrance, creating a cozy foyer when closed and a connected, airy space when partially open, enhancing the transition between public and private areas."


Manufactured by Barausse


Words by the maker:
"Dressed Up is a customizable concept that seamlessly integrates into paneling, enhancing any space with aesthetic continuity and harmony. Its ability to reach considerable heights in an elegant pivot opening suits high-ceilinged rooms, adding warmth and depth with wood. Carefully selected metals modernize and embellish the door and paneling.

The design features wood slats of varying thicknesses and brass laminates in DeLabré Orbitale, Striato, and DeErosion by De Castelli, creating light reflections, shadows, and textures for a dramatic effect. The combination of wood's warmth and texture with the metal's elegance creates visually and tactilely appealing doors that blend function with sophisticated, dramatic style."


Designed by Wider SA


Words by the architect:
"The sheer size and width of the door, in combination with the black slats that are adjacent and flush to the panel above the door. When the rotating wall is closed, you can hardly tell it's a passage."