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Enhance your product line with premium pivot doors and join us on our journey to lead the industry in pivot door design and innovation.

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Manufacturer of precision pivot door systems in the Netherlands.

Our commitment to using only the best materials and our extensive research and product development ensures that our pivot door systems are built to last more than a lifetime, with no maintenance required.

Our easy to install pivot door systems accommodate a variety of door materials including steel, wood, aluminum, stone and many more.

The FritsJurgens movement

We create high quality solutions for pivot doors, with a passion for detail.

Tested to 1,000,000 cycles, equivalent to 136 years of daily use. FritsJurgens is the first choice for precision pivot hinges, designed for doors weighing between 20 kg and 500 kg.

By integrating FritsJurgens hinges into your creations, you offer your customers innovative and reliable solutions that improve the functionality and aesthetics of your product range.

High performance and maintenance-free


The M+ system is the most advanced and versatile pivot hinge system from FritsJurgens.

Offering extreme performance, compatibility and flexibility in terms of installation, application and functionality for light and heavy doors in the weight range of 20kg to 500kg.

Extreme ease of installation

In this video you will learn how to install and adjust a pivot door with the FritsJurgens System M pivot hinge and our new 70mm top pivot, the TP-70.

Robin Vos, our product engineer, guides you through the installation process. You can use the timestamps below to easily navigate the video.

Links to how-to videos of the FritsJurgens floor plate on different floor types.

Helpful calculators for installation

Use our product selector to find out which products are right for you.


Quality in customer service

We offer extensive customer service to door producers and installers, offering expert advice, bespoke solutions and prompt assistance for seamless applications of FritsJurgens hardware.

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