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In-depth 15 September 2020

System M+ brings with it two new features: 30° Speed Control and Latch Control. The best features of System M, like Damper Control, were transferred to System M+. In the previous blog, FritsJurgens talked about Damper Control. This blog: what is it precisely that 30° Speed Control adds to your pivot door?

30 degrees speed Control System M+ FritsJurgens

30° Speed Control is an adjustable feature that helps you determine the pivot door’s closing movement.

Where Damper Control is adjustable as a whole, 30° Speed Control allows you to focus on just the last part of the closing movement. This extra control is useful in various types of situations, explained below.

Stop heavy doors from swaying

30° Speed Control gives exactly the extra adjustability you need to stop heavy doors without door frames from swaying when they have closed. By constraining the system’s hydraulics, the door is slowed down from 30° to 0°. That is why System M+ automatically replaces System M for doors that weigh over 210 kg. These doors will always benefit from this extra adjustability.

No bumping into door frames

A door that does not have a latching bolt, but does have door frames, benefits from 30° Speed Control in the same way as heavy doors do. By stopping the pivot door from swaying, 30° Speed Control prevents a door with frames from bumping into the frame. The door always closes in a single, fluent motion.

Perfect synchrony for double doors

When you have two pivot doors next to each other, you want them to close in the exact same way at the exact same time. 30° Speed Control allows you to do exactly that.

Double doors in action:

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