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Pivot doors with FritsJurgens Inside move distinctively and elegant.

Several highly engineerded features allow architects, builders and designers to not only create pivot doors that look stunning, but also tap into the dimension of motion and movement.

Move differently with System M+

System M+ is a hydraulic in-door pivot hinge system that offers several features which allow you to choose the perfect door movement that fits your door and its surroundings.

Elegance in both directions

Pivot doors with FritsJurgens System M+ inside are double-acting. This gives the pivot door a wide range of motion from +125 degrees to -125 degrees, with hold positions at -90, 0 and +90 degree.

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Choose your style and move differently

The patented hydraulic technology inside System M and System M+ generate the pivot doors’ smooth and elegant movement. The weight of the door when the door moves is converted into kinetic energy that helps determine the doors movement.

The two pistons inside System M and System M+ are driven by the pressure that builds up inside the oil channels. This pressure will determine the flow of the oil which in turn makes the damping control work efficiently.

With full adjustability on every part of the movement, you can precisely determine the doors’ movement by adjusting the opening damping (wall protection), closing speed, and closing damping (soft-close).

System M+ will also allow you to adjust the last part of the closing movement, Latch Control for when latching bolts are applied and you need a little extra closing force to push the door into the locked position.

Closing damping (soft-close)

Opening damping (wall protection)

The FritsJurgens Movement

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Precise and consistent self-close

The FritsJurgens self-closing feature is precise and consistent throughout its lifecycle of 136 years of daily use. The pivot hinges, and therefore the movement also, are maintenance free and will perform for a lifetime.

Fine tune the movement exactly the way you want. Features such as 30° Speed Control will allow you to choose the closing speed of the door.

For many reasons you might want or need stronger (or weaker) damping in the pivot door. Here is where Damper Control helps you to fine-tune crucial parts of the doors movement to make it move perfectly and create synergy between different design elements in the project.


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Choose outstanding designs

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