Marble door

The return of pivoting marble doors

When thinking of marble, associations with the old Greek and Roman empires and classical architecture may come to mind. Nowadays however, extensive use of building materials such as cement, steel and glass cause an urge towards refinement and detail.

Marble is finding its way back into our homes in, sometimes, quite different ways than back in the ancient times – even though some may argue that the marble has never left. In pivoting marble doors in your own home for example.

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Pivoting marble door - bathroom - FritsJurgens.

One of a kind

Marble expresses a timeless kind of luxury that no other material can surpass. Clay, silt, sand and other ‘impurities’ in the mineral cause the characteristic swirls and veins in colored marble, making available a large variety of colors and forms that can fit any type of interior or exterior. With such a long history of taking shape, every piece of marble tells its own history and creates a unique statement in your home.

One of a kind marble bathroom

In this bathroom design by Exceptis Interior Design the gorgeous, gold-veined marble is everywhere you look. It is a truly impressive example of the luxury and refinement that this natural stone imposes on a space. The marble pivot door that gives entrance to the bathroom is almost invisible when closed, perfectly aligning with the marble of the walls next to it.

A solid, marble pivot door like this needs a pivot hinge that can carry its weight, which is, in this case, perfectly executed by the FritsJurgens System One pivot hinge. The movement of the door is fully controlled, smooth and fluent. Find out which FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems suits your pivot door design.


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Pivoting marble door - bathroom - FritsJurgens
Pivoting marble door - marble texture - FritsJurgens.

Technique in a pivoting marble door

The contrast between new and old is especially present when the metamorphic rock is applied on solid marble pivoting doors.

Since marble for pivoting doors is often used in large, solid slats, the weight of the doors is mostly very high. Only modern and very high-quality pivot hinges such as the FritsJurgens Systems will ensure that you have full control over the movement of the door.

A marble pivot door should move in the single, fluent movement that it deserves. FritsJurgens pivot hinges are suited for lots of different material type pivot doors. Explore the possibilities

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pivoting marble door - close up - FritsJurgens

Pivoting marble door in bathroom – close-up – FritsJurgens

Pivoting marble door in batroom - interior - FritsJurgens

Pivoting marble door in bathroom – interior – FritsJurgens

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