Pivoting walls

Pivoting doors as design element

A pivot door hinge is extremely suitable for a pivoting wall, acting as room divider. When closed, they are almost invisible, and whilst open, they have a strong spatial impact. This is precisely the appeal of the pivot door: it is a pivoting wall surface that influences space, functionality and experience. The opening walls constitute a feature center piece of the room. They also form seamless and invisible connections between inside rooms.

Flexible separation of rooms

The FritsJurgens pivot door hinges make a frameless door possible and ensure a clean and tight wall. Frames, door handles, latch bolts, locking plates and door hinges are unnecessary. Both in an open and closed position, this leads to a minimalistic architectural image with few disrupting lines.

The pivot door systems make it possible to create full 360 degree rotating walls. This allows the partition walls to rotate freely in both directions. In order to create a passage way between both rooms, it is possible to fixate the door effortlessly. In addition, the pivoting walls can be closed soundlessly. This turns a pivoting walls into a unique design element and a flexible interior element within your space.

Applications of pivoting walls

Solid walls with a refined finish Luxury resort - Jakarta, Indonesia - LINVISIBILE - System 3
solid walls closed Solid walls with a refined finish Luxury resort - Jakarta, Indonesia - LINVISIBILE - System 3
decorative wooden pivoting wall Decorative wooden pivoting wall Private house - the Netherlands - System 3
Series of pivoting doors with decoration Library - Noordwijk, the Netherlands - Aatvos - System 3
soundproof pivoting walls Soundproof pivoting door Tenniscenter - Doorn, the Netherlands - Royal Haskoning Architecten - System 3
wooden pivoting walls in canteen Pivoting walls in canteen Tenniscenter - Doorn, the Netherlands - Royal Haskoning Architecten - System 3
Pivoting door to an office City hall Haren - Haren, the Netherlands - Kraaijvanger - System 3
Frameless pivot door as partition wall Crematorium - Lisse, the Netherlands - Harryvan - System 3
wooden pivoting walls Wooden pivoting walls Crematorium - Lisse, the Netherlands - Harryvan - System 3

Various possibilities

A pivoting wall is possible in combined glasssteel applications. The pivot door lets in more light. Both when closed and open, they create beautiful viewing lines throughout the building. The spatial effect of an open pivot door on the interior is unrivaled. In addition, it is also possible to integrate these pivot door systems in solidwooden doors or any desired material. The FritsJurgens hinges are integrated into the door, making them invisible.

FritsJurgens Systems

FritsJurgens systems are extremely resilient against the weight of large or heavy pivoting doors. This seldom forms a problem. All systems can bear up to 500 kg in weight.

System One
Technical documentation System One
  • Compact system
  • No hold positions or closure function
  • Can be combined with door frames
System One details
System 3
System M rotation
System 3 pivot door
System 3 System 3
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚, 180˚ and 270˚
  • Self-opening
  • Self-closing
  • Patented spring system
System 3 details

System 3 is highly suitable for:

System M
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚and -90˚
  • Self-closing from -125˚ to + 125˚
  • Adjustable closing damping (soft closing)
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Can be combined with door frames
  • Patented system
System M details
System M rotation 180 degrees
System M rotation


A pivoting wall has many appearances. From fully closed wall to beautiful translucent frames. Get inspired by a wide range of applications.




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