Frameless pivot doors

Frameless pivot doors as design element

Frameless pivot doors are modern and unique. It is a design element that contributes to a timeless interior style with a lean and minimalistic design. With the FritsJurgens’ pivot door system, the door becomes part of the wall. Without frames, the alignment is tight and seamless. Invisibly present.

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No frame necessary

Contrary to doors with invisible frames, FritsJurgens pivot door hinges make the entire window frame redundant. Doors fitted with a FritsJurgens pivot hinge become part of the wall. The pivot hinge is concealed in the door, so that no specific construction elements are needed in the floor and ceiling. FritsJurgens offers this invisible solution in various applications.


Frameless pivoting door in office space FritsJurgens Frameless pivoting door in office space Office - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Paul de Ruiter Architects - System 3
Frameless steel doors with glas - FritsJurgens Pivot Doors Frameless steel doors Somfy House - Hoofddorp, the Netherlands - Tordoir van den Berg - System M
framless pivot doors - pivoting wall in a library - Fritsjurgens Frameless doors opened Library - Noordwijk, the Netherlands - Aatvos - System 3
Frameless exterior door in the fencing Private House FritsJurgens Frameless exterior door in the fencing Private house - the Netherlands - System One


Whether it concerns an eye-catching outside door or a high quality pivoting inside door or a pivoting wall, FritsJurgens has a solution for every application. The various pivot door systems of FritsJurgens; System OneSystem 3 en System M are all very suitable for frameless pivot doors.

Many applications and appearances are imaginable for these pivot doors, such as glass-steel, solid or a wooden pivot door. The pivot doors are easy to install, without the need for construction devices in the floor or ceiling. In addition, most heavy or large frameless are fixated or closed with the same ease that FritsJurgens demands of all pivot doors.

Spatial layout

kozijnloze deur dicht

Frameless door – closed

kozijnloze deur open

Frameless door – opened

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Steel pivot doors A hinge by FritsJurgens can easily be combined with a steel door
Solid pivot doors The solid pivot door is the modern alternative to the classic door
Glass pivot door A glass pivot door is an invisible link between the spaces



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