M+ in-depth: Latch Control

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In-depth 15 September 2020

One of the new features in the new System M+ is Latch Control. In previous blogs, FritsJurgens talked about the benefits of Damper Control and 30° Speed Control.

In-depth: Latch Control

Latch Control System M+ FritsJurgens

Latch Control can be turned on or off and is used for doors with a latch.

When you do want to use 30° Speed Control to finetune the last part of the closing movement, but you do not have a door with latch, you can simply keep Latch Control turned off.

Latch Control

Without Latch Control, a door with a latch might not have enough power to close correctly. Latch Control gives the pivot door extra speed in the last 10° of the closing movement. This new feature is therefore very suitable for exterior pivot doors. They often have to overcome drop-seals and other moist- and draft-repellant details on the way to their 0° position.

Take a look at the difference in door movement with Latch Control turned on and turned off:

This difference is also visible in our System M/M+ installation video:

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