We do not make hinges

We create FritsJurgens

In-depth 11 June 2024

At FritsJurgens, we exceed expectations with authentic experiences, focusing on quality and detail. Our System M+ continually evolves to meet the highest standards, embodying our vision of perfection. Discover the true story behind FritsJurgens.

In everything we do, we believe in creating an authentic experience. One that exceeds expectations at every interaction. And we do this by always going the extra mile, never compromising on quality and paying meticulous attention to every single detail.

Our core business consists of designing and manufacturing beautiful, innovative and easy to install high-end architectural pivot systems. Systems that can support doors of nearly any material, weighing up to 500 kg, with a width of 4 meters and unlimited height.

So no, we are not in the business of making hinges. We are in the business of creating FritsJurgens.

If anything, there is more.

‘It is often in denying the obvious about ourselves that we are given a chance to tell the truth about who we are, and more importantly, what we stand for.’ - Victor Tiefmann

René Magritte got it.

Claiming that what you see is actually not what you see, immediately raises questions and triggers attention. Take Magritte’s La trahison des images, for example. This painting clearly depicts a pipe yet the words beneath it say; ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (this is not a pipe). And it is not a lie, even though our brains have trouble categorizing it correctly as it negates our understanding of the image we see. Yet it rings true, because what we see is not just a pipe.

What the painting shows, is way more than a pipe.

First and foremost, it is a painting of a pipe, an interpretation, and not a physical one you can hold or smoke. In that simple explanation, it already surpasses its definition. And with that surpassing, a world of possibilities (and a redefinition of art) reveals itself. As was Magritte’s intention all along.

He wanted us to look at the pipe in a different way, a new way, all to understand that art is never what it seems. Art is always a representation of what we think it is. Art is richer, more layered than its mere definition. Art represents a multitude of interpretations and truths. And by claiming a pipe is not a pipe, we immediately seek these interpretations and truths. We are triggered to find out more.


The same goes for ‘this is not a hinge.’ By showing a hinge and saying it is not a hinge, we create an anticipation for something that rises above the simple definition of a hinge. It gives us a chance to tell not what this hinge is in its simplest form, but what it represents in its fullest meaning. In denying and subsequently redefining our hinge, we unveil the true story behind FritsJurgens. The true heart of what we stand for, what drives us and who we are.

This is not a hinge

This is not a hinge. 

This is our vision of perfection,

our proclamation to innovation.

This is what drives us to excel. 


This is not a hinge. 

This is our contribution to creative minimalism;

a revelation of hidden aesthetics. 

This is simply beautiful.


This is movement inspiring greatness. 

An invitation to limitless creativity.  

To freedom of design. 

The perfect fit. 


This is not a hinge. 

This is a testament to who we are. To why we are. 

It is our heart, our reason to be; our purpose.


This is FritsJurgens. 

System M+

As we at FritsJurgens face the future, System M+ evolves alongside us. This is imperative because only through evolution and continuous innovation can we challenge the status quo of the pivot hinge industry. While this may not be our ultimate goal, setting the benchmark compels us to consistently meet our own quality standards. The higher these standards, the better System M+ becomes.

Architects, craftsmen, and homeowners who prioritize quality above all else, and therefore entrust our systems, demand nothing but the best. They refuse to settle for anything less. To fulfil their expectations, System M+ must continuously optimize its perfection, time after time, day by day. Because, like everything else, the perception of perfection evolves with changing times. Hence, System M+ must constantly strive for improvement. Only then can it surpass itself and meet the ever-evolving standards of perfection set by the current and future market.

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