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Are you making a statement?

Rising out of the sand dunes on the east coast of Australia, you find the McAnally Residence. Looking out over Sunshine Beach, this contemporary home is like a rough diamond – tough and indestructible, while at the same time refined and remarkably detailed.

The full height of the pivot entrance door, fitted with a FritsJurgens System M pivot hinge, is 5,7m, and it is 1,6m wide. Pivot doors fitted with FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems make it possible to design with limitless heights and irregular proportions, and the hinges offer extreme load-bearing capacity. The door is fabricated with an internal welded frame and is clad with aluminum composite panels, inside and out. Both internal and external handles are recessed into the thickness of the door.

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6-meter-tall aluminum pivot entrance

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FritsJurgens puts the power of a specification-grade pivot and closer inside the door. Its pivot hinge systems are made from premium quality, corrosion-resistant materials, and have been tested beyond 1-million cycles, making them the perfect spec for high-performance buildings of any kind.

Your pivot door: carefree and personal

Pivot doors come in all different shapes and sizes – from glass steel doors to wooden doors and even marble doors – everything is possible with FritsJurgens pivot door hinges. Even in existing situations with underfloor heating, a pivot door can be installed without any problems and without structural interventions. Only a small floor and ceiling plate need to be mounted.

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Would you like to know more about the various applications that pivot doors offer? Take a look at our application page. Here you can find inspiration about all kinds of different types of pivot doors in various materials. Each of these doors can easily be placed in existing and new situations, regardless of size and weight.

Discover various pivot door applications and get inspired by the possibilities.