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Frequently Asked Questions

Hinge, door & surroundings

Are FritsJurgens products usable in fire-resistant doors?
FritsJurgens hinges can be used for doors that must always close again. FritsJurgens supplies systems without a locking position at 90 degrees.
Are your doors also suitable for PVC doors and windows?
Our products can be used with any material. Contact your door/window supplier for more information.
Are your hinges certified for fire resistance?
FritsJurgens hinges can be used on doors that must close in case of fire. FritsJurgens supplies self-closing systems for this purpose, without a locking position at 90 degrees.
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Purchasing & specification

Are there also 3D files of FritsJurgens products?
Yes, you can find them on our support page under ‘Downloads.’
Can I also become a dealer/partner/distributor?
Please use our contact form and specify your proposal. The relevant business developer will contact you.
Can I also purchase from you directly?
We work with a selected global distribution network. You can see where our hinges are sold at /where-to-buy.
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Milling, installation & adjustment

Can I adjust my door independently?
It is possible to adjust your door without assistance. If you have the correct tools you can view the assembly video at: We will provide step-by-step instructions for your door adjustment.
Can I install the floor plate simultaneously with the floor?
FritsJurgens has developed a special floor plate for System M(+) – the Flush floor plate. Note: it is no longer possible to adjust the door radial when you use the Flush floor plate. The floor plate of the System One and System 3 hinges can always be installed simultaneously with the floor.
Can you adjust the damping of System 3 hinges?
The System 3 is a hinge without damping or damped closure. The hinge is self-opening and closing from 45 degrees. The door then continues its motion to seek the locking position at 90 degrees. This function makes the System 3 the most suitable for 360 degrees (pivoting in the middle) doors.
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After the purchase

Can I exchange a floor plate?
Contact the supplier of the FritsJurgens hinge to return products.
Can I extend the warranty on my FritsJurgens products?
An extended warranty on FritsJurgens Products is possible. To obtain an extension, submit your contact details after registering your purchase.
Do you have a service department?
FritsJurgens systems are maintenance-free. Consequently, the hinges do not require service. Please contact us if you have any complaints regarding FritsJurgens hinges.
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