The Greenup project

A Revolution in Design: The Award-Winning Circular Pivot Door. Welcome to an architectural marvel, the overall winner of the Best Pivot Door Contest 2023, specialty category, scoring an impressive 48 points - the highest in the competition. This circular pivot door, brilliantly crafted by Hayden Kidd and Dan Mack, and designed by Nicholas H Elias Architects, redefines the concept of a doorway. Achieving a 360-degree rotation, a challenge many shied away from, this door stands as an example of creative freedom and precision engineering. It's a celebration of what happens when FritsJurgens hardware empowers designers and builders to push boundaries.

Designed by Nicholas Elias Architects
Manufactured by Hayden Kidd, and Dan Mack
Photographed by Jarrod Allison Media
Construction: Residential
Pivot hinge system: System 3
Function: 360 degrees
Materials: Wood