Best Pivot Doors 2022

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We are looking for the world’s best pivot doors of 2022.

The most extraordinary pivot doors and their designers and makers deserve to be highlighted and shown to the industry. Therefore, we offer a stage for the best pivot doors of 2022. A panel, consisting of the winning architect and designer of last year’s edition, and an expert from FritsJurgens, is assembled to assess all submitted projects.

Announcement of the nominees and winners will occur in December 2022 via ArchDaily, Architonic, Archello, and of course, on our website and social media.

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How to play the game

There are three categories for this year's edition and a total of 5 awards will be handed out. Your submitted project will be assessed within its category. The categories are

  • Best Exterior Pivot Door - 5 nominees and 1 winner
  • Best Interior Pivot Door - 5 nominees and 1 winner
  • Best Specialty Application - 3 nominees and 1 winner
  • Widest Door - 1 winner
  • Tallest Door - 1 winner

To participate in FritsJurgens Best Pivot Doors 2022, please take the following into consideration:

  • High-resolution images are required for qualification and ranking of your project
  • The door has not been submitted in earlier editions
  • The door is installed in a finished environment
  • FritsJurgens hardware is used in the pivot door
  • A door can be entered only once

There is no entry fee required to participate and also no maximum number of entries by one individual as long as they are different doors. Multiple entries of the same door would be considered as one entry.

You can submit your project until the 31st of October 2022.

Submit your project

Please contact us if you expierence any difficulties with uploading your project


Hardware resellers, contractors, or distributors

Providing video material will help the jury assess the pivot doors better

Photos of at least 500kb and high-resolution

This information can help the jury understand what makes your door stand out


FritsJurgens Best Pivot Doors 2021

The winner of last year’s contest was from Fuse Architects and Builders from California. They made a tantalizing impression with their creative design, chosen materials, and refined finish.

They captured the allure of the surroundings into the design and chosen materials of the door, giving it a creative edge over other contestants. A piece of art that made our hearts beat faster.

FritsJurgens Best Pivot Doors 2021