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With the Best Pivot Door contest we celebrate the transformation of grand ideas into tangible creations that redefine beauty. We do not only want to recognize excellence, but to inspire and encourage the industry to continually push the boundaries of design and innovation.

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Begin your submission by choosing the most fitting category for your pivot door project. Keep in mind that final categorization will be determined by our quality control team to ensure accuracy and fairness in judging.

Providing business information is crucial for two reasons: it ensures a fair judging process and enhances promotion across various platforms. Accurate information helps us recognize deserving businesses and increases your visibility through online showcases.

Enter the details of the maker and/or designer of the pivot door, as both are eligible for nomination and awards. Additionally, include the photographer's information for proper credit in publications and announcements. This helps ensure that all contributors are acknowledged appropriately, although only designers and makers are eligible for awards.

Upload high-quality photographs (max 10MB per image, total upload limit of 200MB) of the pivot door in a finished setting. Required shots include the door in open and closed positions, as well as a detail shot. Include videos to significantly enhance the chances of success as they capture more aspects of the door's functionality than images can. Most file extensions are accepted. For upload issues, contact All entries must be of professional quality.

Provide detailed information about the door’s dimensions, materials, weight, and hardware. Explain what makes your pivot door unique or special. This helps highlight the distinctive qualities and innovative aspects of your design.

Please agree to the terms and conditions to complete your submission and be eligible for an award in the Best Pivot Door Contest.

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