Submission Best Pivot Door 2023

With the Best Pivot Door contest we celebrate the transformation of grand ideas into tangible creations that redefine beauty. We do not only want to recognize excellence, but to inspire and encourage the industry to continually push the boundaries of design and innovation.

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Start your submission by selecting the appropriate category for your pivot door project.

For two reasons, business information is essential for contests: it ensures fair awards and enables effective promotion on social media and platforms. Accurate data guarantees deserving businesses are recognized while showcasing winners online boosts visibility and potential opportunities.

We ask for the business information of the involved parties to verify the project designer and maker. We also need this information to be able to tag involved companies in communication surrounding the contest properly.

The photographs that are uploaded as entries need to be of high quality (professional) in a finished surrounding and not in an under-construction setting. There should be a minimum of 3 images of the following shots: 1. Door in open position 2. Door in closed position 3. Any detail of the door You may upload more than 3 photographs or videos of the door that portrays its functionality.

Fill out the dimensions, materials, weight and chosen hardware. Please describe accurately and in detail what makes this pivot door special or unique.

Please accept the terms and conditions in order to be eligible for contesting a Best Pivot Door Contest award.

Thank you for submitting your entry