Top pivot Reversed

Our new invisible asset

07 July 2023

Pivot doors are popular: not only do architects like to experiment with them, they also raise the interest of an increasing number of installation engineers and manufacturers.

The smoothest door movement can be reached with first-class hinges. FritsJurgens’ systems offer many design possibilities, fitting any interior. Always designed, developed and tested with care. That is how we create maintenance-free products of first-class quality. Try our new Top pivot Reversed to discover design possibilities with divergent door profiles and lots of glass.

Our design engineer will provide an explanation of the Top Pivot Reversed in one minute.

Top Pivot Reversed in one minute

Show stopper in the building

Pivot doors are so much more than just doors. As a design statement, they define the room and radiate elegance with their smooth opening and closing movement. A sight for sore eyes. Moreover, pivot doors do not require jambs, which is a major gain. This way, you create the sleekest designs, that do the door full justice. The hinges and the top pivot are invisible, for they are concealed in the door, the floor and the ceiling.
Top pivot Reversed

Take a look at our Top pivot Reversed

Unlike others

All our pivot hinges and top pivots are unique and have their own qualities. This makes each of them suitable for various kinds of designs.

In addition to the top pivots that you already know from us, Top pivot Reversed is a great addition to our collection, for this new variant disappears into the ceiling and not into the door, like our other top and bottom pivots.

As the name already suggests: with our Top pivot Reversed we reverse the system. This brings significant advantages as well as new possibilities. As with Top pivot 70 mm and Top pivot Cable Grommet, Top pivot Reversed can easily be combined with all kinds of bottom pivots from our collection.

Experimenting with aesthetics

For architects, the new top pivot opens up a world full of new, aesthetic door concepts. It enables you to use thinner door profiles. Usually, these are often easily 50 mm in height, because you have to conceal the top pivot inside them.

Now, 20 to 25 mm will suffice, because, with Top pivot Reversed, you only have to secure a pin. And as far as architects are concerned: the thinner the profile, the more elegant the design. Thanks to that gain in millimeters, you can also apply new materials. Think of aluminum: light in weight and relatively easy to process. Moreover, this material enables you to retain the impressive character of a pivot door.

Creative designs

An aluminum door does not only allow for thinner, but also for narrower door profiles. Because the pin is secured less deep into the door than a top pivot, you only need a narrow strip of profile at the top of the door. This way, you can use more glass in the design, which creates a more spatial effect.

So, Top pivot Reversed offers lots of possibilities to experiment with transparent pivot doors and walls. You can also use our systems in much more creative ways – think, for example, of semicircular doors.

The new System One combined with TP-R

TP-R and the new System One

Combined with the new System One, door frames can be even thinner. The new One is only 18 mm high, allowing super thin door frames. Top pivot Reversed is hidden in the top jamb or ceiling, so combining these two products allows you to design and create extra large glass openings and extra thin door frames.

Discover the new One

Superb ease of installation

Installers, too, can benefit from the new top pivot, for it is easy to adjust. Usually, after installing the top pivot, small holes in the side of the door are necessary. This way, you can adjust the door precisely with a long Allen key. Sometimes, after installation, the door must be moved a bit to the left or to the right.

This is also done a little differently in case of Top pivot Reversed. The door is simply adjusted in the middle, using a much shorter Allen key. This saves a lot of work, and moreover, it doesn’t require any holes in the side of the door.


Generous space

Naturally, as the end user, you reap the benefits of Top pivot Reversed as well. The narrow profile gives your door a sleek appearance and the minimum profile height allows as much glass in the design as possible. The transparency makes the room look bigger and lighter. That effect is reinforced by the extra thin door jambs, as a result of which the door floats in the air, as it were. As with Top pivot 40 mm, you can easily hide the screws of Top pivot Reversed with our cover plates. These now come in three colors: black, white, and stainless steel – the perfect finishing touch.

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