Top pivot Reversed

Installation in the head jamb or ceiling

Coming 2nd half 2022

This top pivot is slightly different from all the others: Top pivot Reversed can be placed in the head jamb or ceiling. As a result, extra thin door frames can be used because no system needs to be incorporated in the top of the door. For example, you can opt for an extra-large glass opening. Thanks to its placement in the ceiling, this system is not adjusted from the side of the door, but from the ceiling.


Exterior pivot doors

When installing an exterior door, there’s always a head jamb where Top pivot Reversed can be installed in.


Easy installing

Thanks to its placement in the head jamb or ceiling, this system is adjusted from the ceiling: convenient for middle placement.


Smaller frames, more glass

With the top pivot installed in the head jamb or ceiling you can design a pivot door with smaller frames and a larger glass opening.

Product photos and applications

Cover plates

FritsJurgens’ TP-R is mounted inside the head jamb or ceiling. This means that the top pivot is visible instead of the ceiling plate.

When the top pivot has been mounted and the door has been fine-tuned, a magnet is attached to the visible part of the top pivot. This cover plate is available in two designs: stainless steel and PVD black.


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The Top pivot Reversed is coming 2nd half of 2022.

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