Are you tired of rejected design ideas?

FritsJurgens gives you your license to dream.


We know your design struggles.

We know the struggles of innovative architects, designers, and creators; we’ve been there. And it’s why we founded FritsJurgens. FritsJurgens tackles these challenges to support the execution of great door designs.

Don’t be bullied by the rules. Take back your design freedom.

A new design is like a blank piece of paper: it can become anything you want. This design freedom, however, is often crushed by the limitations of extensive standardization. Not with FritsJurgens. Our in-door closers replace in-floor closers and support unlimited door heights. They’re your license to dream.

“FritsJurgens' in-door closers replace in-floor closers and support unlimited door heights.”
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Forget everything you know about door dimensions.

FritsJurgens offers you the capability to deviate from standard door sizes. Current hardware standards for doors offer little creative freedom. With FritsJurgens hinges, you can forget about traditional door metrics. Now you may design a door that seamlessly aligns with the building’s architecture and design.

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Forget about the hassle of in-floor door closers, too.

FritsJurgens revolutionized the pivot hinge system by incorporating it into the door instead of in the floor. The 8-mm-long pins that secure the floor plate are the only thing going into the floor. That’s right—only 8 mm.

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Where to buy?

FritsJurgens has qualified partners in numerous countries. Would you like to purchase pivot door hinges, or are you looking for a pivot-door manufacturer? Find a partner near you.