Stop throwing away your best door designs.

Dare to dream big.


Forget everything you know about door dimensions.

With FritsJurgens pivot hinges, you do not need to comply with standard door sizes. Embrace your creative freedom to design more than a door—design a door as an architectural statement entirely in line with the surrounding space.

6-meter-tall pivoting entrance by Gavin Maddock – System M
7.5-meter-tall Atrium pivot doors by Harryvan Interieurbouw and MVSA Architects – System 3
3.5-meter-tall, concealed pivot door by Taouk Architects – System M
5-meter-tall interior pivot door by Lariaare – System M
Pivoting wall in office space by Werkhaus Kuechen – System 3
3-meter-tall, bronze coated pivot door by Pols Metaal – System M
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Forget about the hassle of in-floor door closers. 8 millimeters, 0 worries.

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Design with unlimited door heights.

The door’s height is limitless. The FritsJurgens system you choose determines the maximum weight capacity and the hinge placement inside the door. These factors influence the amount of lateral force.

The placement of the system inside the door, the height and the width of the door, and the weight of the door determine the amount of lateral force between the floor and ceiling. This is the parameter for your design options. When System 3 or System One is placed in the middle of the door, there is no extra lateral force on the floor and ceiling. Take a look at two examples of possible door heights and widths.

Lateral-force-EN1.jpg Click to zoom

FAQ / frequently asked questions

Are light, narrow pivot doors also suitable for FritsJurgens hinges?
Yes. See the table for more information Lateral Force
Why is the height of the pivot door unlimited but the width limited?
Opening the pivot door concerns the door’s lever: the width from the pivot point to the end of the long side of the door. When choosing the right hinge, this choice is made based on the door’s width and weight (take a look at our selector). The door’s weight is the result of the door’s height and width, whereby the width (the lever) is leading.

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