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Forget about the hassle of in-floor door closers.

In-floor door closers cost time and money that can be spent in better ways. On the design of the door, for example. FritsJurgens revolutionized the pivot hinge system by incorporating it into the door instead of in the floor. The 8-mm-long pins that secure the floor plate are the only thing going into the floor. That’s right—only 8 mm.

A 500 kg door on a 40 x 80 mm floor plate?

It might seem impossible that a 500 kg door can rest on a 40 x 80 mm floor plate with 8 mm pins. The pressure of the door is, however, distributed evenly across the floor plate. In fact, the force on the floor is lower than that of a person in high heels. Meanwhile, the weight of the door, the pins, and a special, strong adhesive glue keep the plate in place.

A 500 kg door with a FritsJurgens pivot bears on a 40 x 80 mm floor plate and produces a pressure load (Fw) of 2.31 N/mm2 with a door of 500 kg. In comparison, a person of 70 kg (154 lbs.) wearing high heels produces a pressure load (Fw) of 6.87 N/mm2.

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Forget everything you know about door dimensions. Design without limitations.

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8 millimeters, 0 worries

Radiant heating is no longer an issue for pivot doors. Radiant heating is usually installed 5 cm under the floor’s surface, leaving plenty of space for mounting the FritsJurgens floor plates.

Design — nothing more, nothing less.

Say goodbye to the cover plates of in-floor closers. Every FritsJurgens pivot hinge system comes with a modern, well-designed, and scratch-resistant floor plate, available in various designs.


Frequently asked questions

Is 8 mm in the floor sturdy enough
Yes, this has been extensively tested with our floor plates on various floor types.
Why are the pins 8 mm long?
This allows the FritsJurgens hinge to be used in combination with radiant floor heating.
Where are the pins, and why?
The pins’ placement is designed so that the floor plates can support doors up to 500 kg.
Why does the System M floor plate have six holes?
It is possible to mount two or four pins under this floor plate. In most cases, two pins will suffice. However, with an expansion joint, this gives the possibility to exchange the position of the mounting pins and choose four pins.
Can FritsJurgens' floor plates be used with radiant floor heating?
Yes. Every system and every floor plate from FritsJurgens can be combined with radiant floor heating.
What about the pressure load on the floor?
The pressure load is the weight of the door expressed in Newton. When applying the floor plate of 40 mm x 80 mm for a door of 500 kg, the pressure load is 2.31 Newton per mm². In comparison, a 70 kg person’s high heel creates a pressure load of 6.87 Newton per mm².

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