Seamless connection

The Flush consists of a set of two strong magnets. These will be installed in the bottom side of the pivot door and in the wall or door next to it.

The Flush strengthens the 0° position of every pivot door, no matter its size or weight. This makes sure that the pivot door is always perfectly in line with the wall or door next to it. A seamless connection, completely ‘flush’.

FritsJurgens Flush.

Minimalistic design

The Flush is suitable for pivot doors that are already placed but also for pivot doors that are not placed yet. A minimalistic design: the hidden perfection you can expect from FritsJurgens.

System One System 3 System M

Finetune your pivot door

The Flush can be applied to refine large, heavy doors that have a deviation of a few millimeters to make them connect seamlessly to the wall or door next to it. Finetune your pivot door with the Flush.

  • Seamless connection of the pivot door
  • Suitable for new and existing situations
  • Minimalistic design: hidden perfection
  • Perfectly closed pivot doors at 0°
  • Finetune large, heavy doors



Mounting Manual
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Technical Details (DWG)
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Technical Details (STEP)
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Technical Documentation
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