Architectural Elements

Trust the process

The process of creating a unique interior piece is often just as interesting as the end result itself. This is certainly true in the case of pivot doors. Because of the broad range of design options that a pivot door offers, designers and makers can get truly creative. A challenging assignment opens up ways to new techniques and products.

Hidden behind a sleek, well-designed end-result is often some blood, sweat and tears. Most of all when creating something that is new or even never done before. Architectural Elements captured the process of creating their 8’4″ wide by 9’10” tall aluminum pivot door for F5 Networks’ HQ lobby.

Aluminum pivot door fabrication with FritsJurgens pivot hinges inside.

Complex assignment? Good!

Architectural Elements is the kind of company that enjoys complex assignments the most. They specialize in decorative and ornamental metals and make anything from grand staircases to more technical interior pieces. This large coffee bar pivot door was designed by NBBJ. Architectural Elements supported NBBJ early on with some of the details and fabrication approach, creating a pivot door design that fits in perfectly with the great vision of the architect.

NBBJ chose to specify a FritsJurgens pivot hinge System M for the door. Architectural Elements: “We often recommend them ourselves. They are hard to beat when it comes to functionality and confidence of longevity.”

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Pro tip

Because the architect wanted everything as minimal and light as possible, keeping the large door flat was a little challenging. Architectural Elements’ pro tip:

“Take your layout seriously! These pivot hinges are incredible but all of their precision and great engineering are worthless if the door is built poorly and out of tolerance.”

Aluminum pivot door fabrication with FritsJurgens pivot hinges inside - handle view.

Build a great pivot door

With a FritsJurgens pivot hinge system, the pivot door can have almost every thinkable design. Unlimited height, weights from 20 to 500 kg, and almost every material is suitable to create the door with. The assignment Architectural Elements got for this door? “Build a great pivot door / screen!”

Luckily, NBBJ had a clear vision.

Architectural Elements: “We understand the architects’ role as a conceptual designer so anything we add to the process is just to allow their vision to materialize with as little compromise as possible.

“NBBJ wanted everything as minimal and light as possible. We added an adjustable bronze tension bar to help with sag. That ended up being one of our favorite design details.”

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Attention to detail

Architectural Elements captured the making of this door in various images and a video. The attention to detail and precision of the professionals shows what goes into making a true design statement pivot door.

“The perforated pattern has a subtle gradient in multiple directions. Some might not notice this at first, but I think it adds a lot of interest.”

Watch the making of video below to learn more about the work behind this pivot door and to take a look the end result.

Architectural Elements pivot door making of

Aluminum pivot door fabrication with FritsJurgens pivot hinges inside.

Unique doors – commercial and residential eyecatchers

Pivot doors have become more and more common in the USA over the past years. The doors are now however slowly making their entrance in the commercial workplace too, something Architectural Elements has noticed as well.

“We have seen a shift in the commercial workplace where employers want their staff to feel more comfortable and at home so there are a lot of residential type scopes seeing their way into the workplace. Boardrooms are replaced with living rooms; cafeterias are replaced with micro kitchens and standard glazing partitions are replaced by custom steel elements.”

The use of unique pivot doors is a great way to add extra personality to new and existing spaces. With lots of creative freedom in the design and making process they can add personality and style to any type of space.