What choices do you make daily, consciously, and unconsciously?

As an architect, designer or maker with a heart for design, your choices are driven by the passion you have for your profession. At FritsJurgens, we make new choices every day, always driven by our passion for creating high-quality pivot hinges.


We choose design freedom

Your design, your decision

We want you to be able to choose – choose your way of designing. Break the rules. Choose to be you and design whatever is on your mind.

Design freedom is what drives us to design better hinges, better solutions. To make your pivot door design come to life.

6-meter-high pivot door by Gavin Maddock
Copper cladded pivot door with FritsJurgens pivot hinge System M
Copper-clad entrance pivot door by Porebski Architects
Hidden entrance through pivoting bookcases by Hoek & De Wit Architecten
Concealed pivot door by marasovic arhitekti
Double glass and steel pivot doors by Axis Pivot Türen
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A work environment that inspires

At FritsJurgens, architecture and design are of paramount importance. We want to create a work environment that is inspiring us to design new pivot solutions that enable architects, designers, and makers to create the new standard for pivot door design.

Take a look at the design of FritsJurgens’ head office in The Netherlands and explore various design classics.

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Frequently asked questions about door design

What materials can I use for my pivot door?
Almost every material is suitable. Take for example wood, steel, or marble. Cladding a door is also a great way to utilize beautiful materials.
What are the maximum dimensions of my pivot door?
The doors’ height is limitless. The width depends on the weight of the door and the FritsJurgens pivot hinge of your choice. Explore the possibilities through our online configurator.
What should be the minimum/maximum weight of my pivot door?
FritsJurgens has a suitable pivot hinge for doors weighing between 20 kg and 500 kg. Find the right hinge for your pivot door right away.
In what situations can I apply a pivot door?
Pivot doors are suitable for every situation: interior and exterior, commercial and residential, renovations and new builds.

We choose movement

Always moving forward

Standing still doesn’t suit us. We are constantly moving and improving, and so are pivot door designs. We don’t want to keep up – we want to stay in the lead. That’s why we work on the best possible door movement out there.

The element of movement

The experience of a door goes beyond looks. Incorporating the element of movement into a doors’ design takes a passageway to the next level: to an experience.

Every part of the door’s movement is entirely under control: from backcheck to closing damping, you choose.

Discover the element of movement

Our quest for perfection

Movement is not only created by our hinges – FritsJurgens doesn’t stand still when searching for the perfect pivot solutions.

Striving for perfection is in our human nature. Many preceded us and found ingenious systems in their search that we can utilize to create better pivot solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about door movement

What makes the movement that FritsJurgens' pivot hinges create unique?
Control and precision. FritsJurgens’ hinges offer absolute control over the entire door movement. The movement can be refined to your exact needs. From opening damping to closing speed. Learn more.
Can I make my pivot door move faster or slower?
Yes, when you choose System M or System M+ the doors’ speed is adjustable. Learn how.
What parts of the movement can I change?
When you choose System M, you can determine the opening- and closing movement. When you choose System M+, you can determine the entire door movement. From opening to closing, you can fine-tune the movement to your preferences. Learn more about fine-tuning the pivot doors’ movement.
What does the door movement look like?
The doors’ movement is dependent on the FritsJurgens system and your preferences. Take a look at examples of door movement.
Do FritsJurgens' systems allow double acting doors?
Yes. Dependent on your situation, all of FritsJurgens’ hinges can be double acting. Discover FritsJurgens’ pivot hinges
How does the hinge make the door move?
By converting hydraulic power into movement. The oil is pushed through small channels when the door opens, creating the exact right amount of resistance for the door to open smoothly without gaining too much speed. When the door closes, the oil flows back through these small channels, once again creating the exact right amount of resistance for the door to close smoothly at the right speed.

We choose continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

The pivot door is a functional design element, a blank canvas that takes shape thanks to the designer’s choices. Everything is possible.

FritsJurgens’ goal is to continuously increase and facilitate the endless design possibilities that pivot doors offer while also enabling unparalleled door movement for every type of pivot door. Form and function are seamlessly connected.

How we build our hinges

FritsJurgens was founded to create pivot door solutions that would make the realization of every type of pivot door possible.

To make this a reality, FritsJurgens makes well-considered choices every day with regard to production, quality and tests. Discover these choices.

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Frequently asked questions about our pivot hinges

What's the difference between FritsJurgens' pivot hinges?
FritsJurgens offers various hinges: System One, System 3, System M, and System M+. Explore the differences between these systems here.
How do I choose the right pivot hinge?
Through our online selector. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.
What's the lifespan of a FritsJurgens pivot hinge?
All of FritsJurgens’ hinges are designed to be maintenance-free and function flawlessly up to 136 years of daily use – that’s over one million open- and closing movements. Read more about the quality of our hinges.

What’ll you choose?

Feel free to contact us so we can find the right pivot solution for you.

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General frequently asked questions

Can I buy a complete door?
FritsJurgens works with door manufacturers worldwide. Submit your complete door request here.
Where can I buy FritsJurgens' pivot hinges?
FritsJurgens works with a large dealer network worldwide. Find a dealer near you.

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