Easy installation

Smoothly in place

The FritsJurgens hinge is perfectly incorporated into the pivot door. By making use of the unique floor and ceiling plates, and our milling mould, installation is merely a formality.

There's always a solution

Thanks to FritsJurgens, the pivot door installation can be done effortlessly, since all of the techniques used are integrated into the door itself. The system remains in place using a single unique floor and ceiling plate, which is cut 8mm into the floor and ceiling. This is in contrast to traditional hinges, whereby a clearly visible floor cover must be attached to the floor.

As a result, the installation not only takes considerably less time but placement is also always possible. Finished floors and ceilings, floor heating and cabling do not generate complications. Together, the FritsJurgens hinge and pivot door form a symbiotic whole that can be simply installed in almost every environment.

Be inspired

FritsJurgens pivot doors can always be placed. The rotating plate in the ceiling and floor are invisible. This directs all attention to the aesthetically-pleasing door. Please view several inspiring examples.

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Suitable fritsjurgens systems

All FritsJurgens systems can be effortlessly attached. Not even finished floors present a problem. Once the hinge has been incorporated into the door, only two small plates are necessary to place the system.


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