Top pivot Cable Grommet

Easy cable pulling

This top pivot is specially designed to make pulling cables through the door and the top pivot as easy as possible. This allows extra features such as electronic security, cameras, and lighting to be easily added to the pivot door for extra comfort and ease of use.

Product photos and applications

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Pivot point Flexible from 91 mm
Placement type Side placement and middle placement
Top pivot placement Top of door
Adjustment Side of door
Dimensions 165 x 32 x 41 mm
Material Stainless Steel | Anodized aluminum TP.X.CG.G.X.XX
EAN 8718868492081
2D drawing M32+
DWG File, 1.05 MB
2D drawing M42+
DWG File, 1.01 MB
2D drawing System 3
DWG File, 553.21 KB
2D drawing System M
DWG File, 1.04 MB
2D drawing System One (previous model)
DWG File, 490.55 KB
3D drawing Cable Grommet (STEP)
STEP File, 2.60 MB
Milling & Mounting Manual M/M+
PDF File, 3.78 MB
Milling & Mounting Manual System One (new)
PDF File, 4.58 MB
Milling & mounting manual System One (previous model)/3
PDF File, 2.68 MB

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