A Fusion of Past and Present

The iconic chimney of the former greenhouse complex, combined with a mix of existing and new architecture, makes the new office of NOW.A Designstudio a true masterpiece.

FritsJurgens System M+ plays a pivotal role in this project, ensuring seamless transitions and emphasizing the unique architectural elements. The bronze-colored pivot doors, manufactured by Schreurs Totaal Metaal, open up to 130°, offering a spacious feel and comfortable passage, and an automatic closing-function.

Architect: NOW.A Designstudio
Manufacturing: Schreurs Totaal Metaal
Construction: Commercial
Pivot hinge system: System M+
Function: 30° Speed Control, Latch Control, Damper control, 90 degrees, 180 degrees
Pivot door type: Interior pivot doors, Steel pivot doors, Glass pivot doors
Materials: Steel, Glass