Aesthetic perfection

A pivot door is a symbol of hidden perfection. No visible frame hinges, but an invisible vertical axis which allows the door to open both inwardly and outwardly. Our door hinges make it possible.


The FritsJurgens pivot-door hinges can be applied in almost every door: from wood and metal to plastic and glass. And, if desired, in sound proofed and fire-resistant doors. Our systems are characterised by a simple and fast assembly in both new and existing situations.

Together with renowned door manufacturers, we bring your vision to life.

STEEL DOORS A steel pivot door is an expression of craftsmanship, perfection and sophisticated details.
SOLID DOORS A solid inner door takes on a special, image-determining position.
GLASS DOORS A glass pivot door shines through absence.


The pivot-door hinges by FritsJurgens are unique, because the hinge is entirely integrated into the top and bottom side of the door. As a result, the system is almost entirely invisible. Thanks to our innovative system, pivot doors can easily be applied in new and existing situations. We will gladly show you how.

Pivot doors are movable walls. When closed, they are almost invisible, and whilst open, they have a strong spatial impact. This is precisely the appeal of the pivot door: it is a rotatable wall surface that influences space, functionality and experience.

The FritsJurgens pivot-door hinges make a frameless door possible and ensure a clean and tight wall image. Frames, door handles, latch bolts, locking plates and door hinges are unnecessary. Both in an open and closed position, this leads to a minimalistic architectural image with few disrupting lines. The mechanics of FritsJurgens additionally allows for large and heavy doors with a free rotating direction. This maximises the architect’s design freedom.

INVISIBLE The FritsJurgens pivot-door hinge is built entirely into in the door.
EFFORTLESS No matter the size of your pivot door, opening and closing is literally done with the soft touch of one finger.
EASY INSTALLATION No matter the size of your pivot door, opening and closing is literally done with the touch of one finger.


Curious about what's possible? Let yourself be inspired by beautiful examples from all over the world. Your possibilities are endless.

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