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The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge makes a frameless door possible. As a result, a minimalistic architectural image with few disruptive lines arises. Additionally, the hinges allow for large and heavy doors have a free rotating direction, so that the vision of the architect can be optimally realised.

We will gladly tell you the story behind several remarkable examples.

The AP house Refined contemporary architecture in Italy with FritsJurgens inside.

Project: The AP house, Italy.
St. Mary Chapel The award winning architectual design of the St. Mary chapel with beautiful steel-framed pivot door with walnut slats.

Project: St. Mary Chapel, United States.
Secret Bookcase Doors Find out how architect Ernst Hoek created a room seperation that does not look and feel like a seperation.

Project: Adjecent home office, The Netherlands
Antique doors In its current form the Palazzo Madama in Turin dates back to the 15th century, but the majestic pivot doors that lead to the palace gardens are much more modern.

Project: Palazzo Madama, Turin
Redfern Warehouse, Sydney Pivot doors with FritsJurgens Inside are applied throughout this stunning warehouse residence, located in Australia.

Project: Redfern warehouse, Sydney
Nordiawerf For the luxury apartments in the Nordiawerf in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, ENZO architecture & interior designed these unique pivot door.

Project: Nordiawerf Residence, The Netherlands
Industrial steel doors In a coffee roastery in Kuwait, industrial steel doors are particularly effective. The coffee roaster, %ARABICA from Shwaikh, wants to offer visitors a welcome in style.

Project: %ARABICA, Kuwait
Interior pivot doors Unique, grand and simply overwhelming. Four colossal interior pivot doors in a prominent place in a magnificent building.

Project: The New Atrium
Pivot door wood The pivot hinges of FritsJurgens were applied in pivot doors of wood and steel and glass pivot doors in an exclusive farmhouse in Utrecht.

Project: Farmhouse, Utrecht

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