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The FritsJurgens pivot door hinge makes a frameless door possible. As a result, a minimalistic architectural image with few disruptive lines arises. Additionally, the hinges allow for large and heavy doors have a free rotating direction, so that the vision of the architect can be optimally realised.

We will gladly tell you the story behind several remarkable examples.

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Palazzo Madama, Turino In its current form the Palazzo Madama in Turin dates back to the 15th century, but the majestic pivot doors that lead to the palace gardens are much more modern.
Tenniscenter, Doorn The new Tennis & Businesscenter in Doorn has a pivoting, separating wall. The wall is also a soundproof door.
Somfy House, Hoofddorp In the Somfy House in Hoofdddorp, those who are interested can experience the comfort of smart-home solutions themselves.
Industrial steel doors In a coffee roastery in Kuwait, industrial steel doors are particularly effective. The coffee roaster, %ARABICA from Shwaikh, wants to offer visitors a welcome in style.
Interior Pivot Doors Unique, grand and simply overwhelming. Four colossal interior pivot doors in a prominent place in a magnificent building.
Pivot door wood The pivot hinges of FritsJurgens were applied in pivot doors of wood and steel and glass pivot doors in an exclusive farmhouse in Utrecht.
Luxury resort, Jakarta For a luxury resort in Jakarta, Linvisible Italia was given the assignment of creating a stylish separating wall.
House, Bavel In Bavel, a sleek pivot door was created as a front door.
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