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The FritsJurgens pivot-door hinge makes a frameless door possible. As a result, a minimalistic architectural image with few disruptive lines arises. Additionally, the hinges allow for large and heavy doors have a free rotating direction, so that the vision of the architect can be optimally realised.

We will gladly tell you the story behind several remarkable examples.

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Palazzo Madama, Turino Embracing History Antique doors and modern technology combined seamlessly.
Tenniscenter, Doorn “Quiet Please!” Heavy sound-insulating doors close as light as a feather.
Somfy House, Hoofddorp Building Happiness A smart home with stylish design elements.
Luxury resort, Jakarta Breathtakingly Beautiful Stylish, pivoting separating wall with the finest veneer and varnish layers.
Woning, Bavel The Great Outdoors Pivot door also applicable in outdoor situations.


The pivot-door hinges by FritsJurgens are almost entirely invisible, this is because the hinge is entirely integrated into the top and bottom side of the door. This makes them perfectly suitable for both modern and classical applications. Discover the options.

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